Fatiguing Actions


In this system, you do not have a set number of power points or action points. Instead of paying to do heroic things, heroic things tire you out.


Taking Fatigue

You can get fatigued in two ways, and there’s no upward limit on how much you can take:

  • activating powers: fatigue equals the power-point cost
  • using action dice: fatigue equals the number of dice (see below)


Fatigue Effects

You take a cumulative -1 penalty to all d20 rolls for every 10 fatigue that you earn.


Action Dice

You no longer have Action Points to spend. Instead, you can simply activate your Action Dice at any time. You can use a number of dice up to your level-determined maximum, and each die inflicts 1 point of fatigue.


Curing Fatigue

Any form of fantastic healing (spells, Healing Touch, etc.) cures an equal amount of HPs as it does fatigue. You also regain fatigue by resting:

  • every hour of activity: 10 x character level
  • every hour of resting: 20 x character level (no running, fighting, or the like)
  • every hour of sleeping: 30 x character level (a full night’s sleep cancels all fatigue)


Meta-Game Analysis

The system is somewhat organically level-dependant because a higher-level character can afford to take more penalties than a low-level character.

Fights will probably end earlier in this system because people will give up when they get significantly fatigued as well as, or perhaps instead of, when they’re low on HPs.

You can sling powers effectively forever if you’re willing to take massive penalties.


NB: You can combine this optional rule with the Constitution Damage rule.

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