Esoteric Item [item]


Cost: 2CP per rank (+1 equivalent)

You have an item of mystical, psionic, or supertech power. For every rank in this power, your Item receives a +1 bonus or the equivalent of a +1. A single Item can have up to +10 in enhancement bonuses (hit/damage or defence) as well as up to a +10 equivalent in special abilities (such as Dancing, Spell Resistance, or Bane, for example), for a total of +20 (40CP cost). The special abilities are divided by origin and type: Mystical Armour Abilities, Mystical Weapon Abilities, Psionic Armour Abilities, Psionic Weapon Abilities, Supertech Armour Abilities, and Supertech Weapon Abilities.

To acquire the Item itself, you must buy it using your Wealth. It must be mastercraft quality, but its Purchase DC is reduced by 10 to a minimum total Purchase DC of 4. Items are most often weapons, protective gear, or hand-held objects, but they can theoretically be anything you like. The only requirement is that they must be displayed prominently in order to function. Magical underwear, as much as they sound like a wonderful idea, don’t work unless you wear them on the outside (a not altogether unprecedented fashion choice in the world of superheroes). (NB: If you just want a weapon with a Power loaded into it, you can take a Gadget with the Weaponize enhancement.)

Esoteric Items are just things you happen to own. They are always either mystic, psionic, or supertech, but that has nothing to do with your power Origin. Esoteric Items can be lost, stolen (and used against you), or destroyed, and they are not automatically replaced. Caveat emptor!

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