Equipment Cache


You were a Boy Scout in a former life.

Prerequisite: Plot Device

Benefit: When you’re in your home territory (usually a city), you can spend an Action Point to remember that you miraculously thought ahead and stowed a cache of supplies 1d6 blocks away (down an alley, under a dumpster, etc.). The cache can contain any or indeed all of the following items:

  • spare clothes (a superhero costume or regular clothes, nothing that grants a Defence bonus)
  • money (a wad of cash, a spare credit card, etc.; grants +1d4 Wealth for the remainder of the session)
  • ammunition (1d4 mags, bundles of arrows, Supertech batteries, whatever is appropriate to your weapon)
  • food and water (enough to feed you for a day)
  • one Plot Device

If you are outside of your home territory, your GM might allow you to spend 2APs to have a cache nearby (in a tree, under an over-pass, etc.). In a truly exotic location (inside a villain’s lair, on the Moon, etc.), and if you ask really nicely, your GM could be on enough antihistamines to allow you to spend 3APs to have a cache nearby.

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