Energy Ghost

An Energy Ghost is someone whose body is made of pure energy. They can fly, move (or burn) through solid objects, and throw energy blasts. They have no one primary power. Instead, three main powers create the effect: Flight, Phase, and Energy Attack.

Given that Energy Ghosts can stay out of battle by flying and spend a lot (if not all) of their time phased, they don’t need lots of HPs or a high Defence bonus, and they can make up for a moderate BA by projecting Ray attacks (rather than regular ranged attacks), so an Adventurer¬†(decent BA and Power Die) or Mastermind (low BA, good Power Die) can work, depending on what you want the character to do. A commander/tactician who can float outside the battle and lend air support might be very welcome to a team of heroes!


Energy Attack: Ranged 50 ft. 4d6, Ray, Knockback 14CP
Flight: Skill “Good”, Speed 40 ft.: 13CP
Phase: Manifest Sound, Ghost (+2CP), 12CP

Recommended Feats

Aerobatics, Improved Initiative, Field Commander, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot