Energy Attack [power]

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With this power, you can generate energies harmful to your foes and even project those energies over distances. This power is extremely broad and has a lot of options. You can do anything from charging your skin like an electric eel’s to generating a sonic scream that can shatter concrete. You’ll want to read through the whole description pretty carefully before you take this power. There’s a lot to it.

There are four major options in this power: damage type (lethal or non-lethal), energy type, mode (which governs area of effect), and ranks (i.e., damage dice, the price of which depends on the mode). There are also enhancements and limitations that can radically alter the way the power works.


Damage Type

When you buy your Energy Attack, you decide if the damage is lethal (HP) or non-lethal (NL). The choice is permanent, but you can also take the Variable Damage enhancement (see below) if you want to switch back and forth between the two.


Energy Type

Energy Attacks manifest as one of the five standard energy types: chemical, cold, electricity, heat, and sonic. Bear in mind, though, that the five energy types are quite broadly defined. Chemical attacks include acid and corrosion. Cold attacks can be sheer freezing, frost, ice, or just the slowing of molecular movement. Electricity includes any kind of spark or lightning effect. Heat can be good old flames, or a laser, or molecular agitation (i.e., a microwave effect), or even radiation. Finally, sonic attacks cause shock waves, which are essentially concussive or kinetic effects. You can have only one energy type, unless you take the Variable Energy Type enhancement.



Energy Attacks manifest in one of six different modes: Aura, Burst, Cone, Infusion, Line, and Ranged. The cost is “per rank”; 1 rank equals 1d6 damage. You must pick one, but you can add others using the Variable Attack enhancement.


Mode: Aura
Activate: 1PPs per rank (By CL); swift action
Sustain: 1pp per round; free action
Save:  Reflex (half), Wisdom-based

You can surround your body with harmful energy. Anyone who contacts this aura takes damage from it. This includes attempts at touch attacks, unarmed strikes, bull rushes, or other attacks that require contact with the body. When your Aura is on, anyone who grapples you automatically takes maximum damage from it every round due to prolonged exposure. Because Auras do not require attack rolls, you cannot score a critical hit with one. Auras do not offer any kind of protection, even against their own energy type.


Mode: Burst
Cost: 2CP – 4CP (see table, below)
Activate: 3PP per rank (By CL); standard action
Save: Reflex (half), Wisdom-based

You can radiate a brief Burst of energy outward from your body in a spherical radius. This causes damage to those within the radius of the Burst effect. You are not harmed by your own Burst effect when you are the centre of it (see the Ranged Burst enhancement, below). The bigger your Burst, the more CPs you have to pay per d6 of damage.

NB: Burst must be at least 10′ radius. The cost is at least 2CP per d6.


Mode: Cone
Cost: 2CP – 4CP (see table, below)
Activate: 3PP per rank (By CL); standard action
Save: Reflex (half), Wisdom-based

You can project energy in a conical shape in the direction of your choosing (use standard rules for cone effects). The longer your Cone, the more CPs you have to pay per d6 of damage.

NB: Cone must be at least 10′. The cost is at least 2CP per d6.


Mode: Infusion
Cost: 1CP – 4CP (see table)
Activate: 1PP per die of damage (By CL); use activated (free [see text])
Save: Reflex (half), Wisdom-based (burst radius only)

You can Infuse inanimate objects with harmful energy that is released when the object impacts a target. For example, a rock Infused with cold will cause freezing damage on a successful hit. You have to make physical contact with the object you want to Infuse.

The objects cannot be Super (i.e., nothing with an Origin), and they can be a maximum of size of Tiny. In order for it to explode (release its damage energy), your Energy Attack must do enough HP damage to destroy the object (taking into account its Hardness, if any; see Object HPs and Hardness) in order to do damage to the target on a successful hit. If it doesn’t destroy the object, then the object takes the damage, and there is a burst of harmless energy that is some combination of bright, loud, or smelly (e.g., heat damage could be glow red and smell of sulphur) and centred on the object, of course.

If you purchase an increased burst radius (see table, below), then you can target a square instead of a specific target, and anyone in the area of effect must roll a Reflex save for half damage against the standard DC. You can also, if you wish, aim to hit one target, in which case it doesn’t get a save, and still have the burst damage, which does provoke a save.

Any object that you Infuse but do not throw at a target detonates after 4 rounds (on your turn), thus causing damage to anyone holding it. Infused objects that detonate set off any other Infused objects in the same 5×5 ft. area (i.e., one square).

You can Infuse an object as a free action, and then throw it as a normal attack, using the standard throwing rules, including any feats or special abilities you might have that would affect your ability to throw something. The range increment of the object you throw depends entirely on the nature of the object.

You can also Infuse objects and give them to other people to throw. As a move action, you can Infuse a number of objects equal to your Dexterity modifier. Giving items to someone else also takes a move action; taking the item from you costs them a move action. If you toss one to a comrade, you must succeed at a ranged touch attack at your comrade and she must make a Reflex save (DC 10) to catch it. If either of you fail your rolls, the infused object lands at her feet and causes half damage to her.

To Infuse an object someone else is holding, use the Disarm rules for grabbing an item with the one change that if you are successful, you Infuse the object rather than actually grabbing it.

You can infuse ammunition for a weapon such as a bow or sling. You fire these projectiles normally and do energy damage on a successful hit (the ammunition itself is destroyed in the process, so there is no physical damage). You cannot use this power to infuse bullets or other firearm ammunition because firing the gun causes the object to release its energy, which would probably destroy the firearm.


Mode: Line
Cost: 2CP – 4CP (see table, below)
Activate: 2PP per rank (By CL); standard action
Save: Reflex (half), Wisdom-based

You can create a beam, bolt, or tunnel of damaging energy that is five feet in diameter (i.e., standard rules for line effects). The longer your Line, the more CPs you have to pay per d6 of damage.

NB: Line must be at least 10′. The cost is at least 2CP per d6.


Mode: Ranged
Activate: 1PP per rank (By CL); use-activated (attack)

You can generate a blast of energy that behaves like a ranged weapon. Attacking with that energy blast requires an attack roll which is modified by Dexterity, like any other ranged attack. Energy Attacks crit on 20/x2. You are armed if you have this power and PPs left to use it.

A Ranged Energy Attack with a range of “mêlée” (see table, below) is referred to as an Energy Strike; it requires physical contact, but it is not a touch attack in game terms. Instead, you deliver it with an unarmed strike, which means that if you hit, then you do your unarmed strike damage as well as your Energy Attack damage. If you miss, you do neither, and you expend PPs in the process.


Area of Effect and Damage Dice

Your damage dice are more expensive, per die, based on the area of effect of your Energy Attack. On the table below, locate your chosen Mode, and then scan across to a range or area (length for Cones, radius for Burst, distance for Line and Range, Size Category for Infusion).  That area corresponds to the Cost per Rank. Aura’s are always 1CP per rank because they’re effectively touch-ranged.

For example, an Energy Strike (5 ft.) that does 6d6 damage costs 6CP (1CP x 6 dice). A 50-foot Energy Line that does 6d6 damage costs 12CP (2CP x 6 dice). A 20-foot-radius Energy Burst that does 6d6 costs 18CP (3CP x 6 dice). Finally, a 40-foot Energy Cone that does 6d6 damage costs 18CP as well (3CP x 6 dice).

When you make an Energy Attack, you can choose to use all or just some of the damage dice you purchase. You are not required to use maximum dice every time.


Infusion Aura
Burst Cone Line Ranged Cost per rank
target touch N/A N/A N/A strike 1CP
5 ft. 10 ft. 10 ft. 20 ft. 50 ft. 50 ft. 2CP
10 ft. 20 ft. 20 ft. 40 ft. 100 ft. 100 ft. 3CP
20 ft. 30 ft. 30 ft. 60 ft. 150 ft. 150 ft. 4CP



Enhancement: Controlled Area
Cost: 2CP
Prerequisite: Burst, Cone, Infusion, or Line mode

You can reduce the area of effect (range, radius, or length) of your Energy Attacks, from as little as 5′ to the maximum area of the Energy Attack that you purchase. A 50-foot Line Energy Attack could be 40 feet, 25 feet, or even just 5 feet long.


Enhancement: Exempted Area
Prerequisite: Burst, Cone, Infusion, or Line mode, Controlled Area
Cost: 2CP per rank
Activate: 1PP per rank; use-activated (attack)

For every rank in this enhancement, you can create a 5-ft. area (i.e., enough room for a Medium-sized person) within your area-effect Energy Attacks that doesn’t cause damage. You could initiate a Burst, for example, that avoids killing an innocent bystander, or a Line that skips your teammate. These exempted areas in your Energy Attack cost 1PP each. You can take this enhancement multiple times. Its effects stack.


Enhancement: Controlled Damage
Cost: 2CP
Activate: free; free action

You can switch your Energy Attack from lethal to non-lethal at will, as a free action. You can even switch between individual attacks in a full-attack action.


Enhancement: Diffusion
Cost: 1CP per rank of Infusion
Prerequisite: Infusion

When you Infuse an object, instead of detonating after 4 rounds, it diffuses harmlessly. It still does damage if you throw it at a target and hit.


Enhancement: Energy Strike
Cost: 1CP per 3 ranks in Ranged Energy Attack

This enhancement allows you to switch between your Ranged Energy Attack and an Energy Strike, but the Strike is the same CP value as your Ranged Energy Attack, which means it will do significantly more damage.

To find the damage of your Energy Strike look at the per-die cost of your Ranged Energy Attack on the table above and then compare that to the per-die cost for a mêlée Energy Attack and make the appropriate multiplication. For example, you a 50-ft. Ranged Energy Attack with 4d6 damage (2cp per d6, so 8CP value). With this enhancement, you could also make an Energy Strike attack worth 8d6 (1cp per d6, still 8CP value).

The cost of this power is 1CP for every three ranks you already have in a Ranged Energy Attack, which works out to 1/3’s of the cost of an Energy Strike.


Enhancement: Improved Critical Range
Cost: 3CP

This enhancement increases the critical threat range of your Energy Attack to 19-20 (instead of just 20).


Enhancement: Improved Critical Damage
Cost: 3CP

This enhancement increases the critical damage multiplier of your Energy Attack to x3.


Enhancement: Immunity
Cost: 1CP

You are completely immune to your own Energy Attacks. Even if your attack were absorbed and fired back on you using one of the metapowers, you would suffer no damage. This does not offer any protection against any other source of damage, including Energy Attacks from other characters, even if they use the same energy type.


Enhancement: Knockback
Cost: 2CP

Your Energy Attack can cause knockback if the damage meets or exceeds your target’s knockback threshold.


Enhancement: Lingering Damage
Cost: 2CP per die of damage

Your Energy Attack causes extra damage to affected creatures on the subsequent round. For every rank in this power, your target takes 1d6 damage for an additional round after the initial attack. At 3 ranks, for example, your target takes 1d6 for three rounds after the first attack. The most logical energy types for this enhancement are chemical and heat (i.e., corrosion or burning), but you can rationalize anything you like.


Enhancement: Ranged Burst
Prerequisite: Burst Energy Attack
Cost: 4CP

You can now initiate Burst Energy Attacks at a distance. The maximum range of your Burst corresponds with its radius on the Range Increment and Damage Dice table, above. For example, a 10-foot radius Burst will, with this enhancement, have a 50-foot range. Like a Fireball, you simply declare the centre point of your Ranged Burst and watch your enemies take damage. Your Burst behaves normally in all other ways, including its radius and Saving Throw. If you are caught in your own Ranged Burst, you will take damage from it, unless you also have Immunity (see above). However, you still do not take damage from a regular Burst centred on yourself.


Enhancement: Reduced Power Drain
Cost: 2CP

Every rank in this enhancement reduces your Energy Attack‘s cost by 1 rank. You can take this enhancement multiple times, and its effects stack, but the minimum cost is 1 rank of damage (the By CL activation cost remains unchanged).


Enhancement: Split Strike
Cost: 2CP
Activate: 2PP per attack; use activated (attack)

You can now split your Ranged attacks between two targets. Divide the damage dice between the targets evenly, rounding down. You make a single attack roll against the Defence of both targets. All other ranged attack rules apply normally.


Enhancement: Touch/Ray
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: Ranged/Strike Energy Attack

Your Energy Strike is now a Touch attack, and/or your  Ranged Energy Attack is now a Ray. In both cases, they ignore armour, shields, and natural bonuses to Defence.


Enhancement: Tougher Save
Cost: 2CP per rank (+1 to save DC)

For every rank in this power, increase the save DC by +1 to a maximum of 10 ranks. Applicable to Cone, Burst, Infusion, and Line


Enhancement: Variable Energy Type
Cost: 3CP

You can choose an additional Energy Type and switch between Types, attacking with fire one round and a sonic burst the next, for example. Since there are five energy types, you can take this enhancement up to four times.


Limitation: Maximum Power
Value:  2CP
Prerequisite: minimum damage 3d6

You cannot reduce the number of dice you deal with an energy attack. You always do full damage and spend full PPs.


Limitation: Random Detonation
Value:  4CP
Prerequisite: Infusion

At the beginning of your turn on the round after you Infuse an object, roll 1d4. If you roll a 1, the object detonates. Keep rolling on your turn until you throw it or it detonates.


Limitation: Vicious Detonation
Value:  2CP
Prerequisite: Infusion, Random Detonation

When you Infuse an object, immediately roll 1d4. If you roll a 1, the object detonates. This limitation stacks with Random Detonation.


Limitation: Short Range
Value: 3CP
Prerequisite: Ranged Touch Attack (50 feet)

Your Energy Attack has a maximum range (not a range increment!) of 30 feet, no more.


Limitation: Slow Attack
Value: 2CP

Your Energy Attack now requires a move action to activate in addition to the activation time listed under its mode(s). Thus, an Aura now requires a move action; Burst, Cone, Line, and Ranged now require a move action to activate and a then a standard action to attack.

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