Duplicate Self [power]

Cost:  8CP per Dupe
Activate: 2PP per Dupe; standard action
Sustain: per round/minute per Dupe; free action
Range: self

For every rank in this power, you can spontaneously generate a perfect Duplicate of yourself. They appear wearing your clothes but do not have any gear, either weapons or armour. Dupes do not have any powers, power points, or action points. They have your total HDs, but have only half your total hit points. They retain abilities conferred by class, as well as skills and feats. They do not have powers, spells, or psi-powers. They do not have any power points.

Dupes appear at the end of the action in which you created them, standing in a square adjacent to yours, flat-footed and unarmed. They act immediately after you in the initiative order. You cannot make a Dupe appear in a square that you do not have physical contact with, for example behind a door or on the other side of a wall, but if you can reach some part of your body into that space―by putting your hand through a mail slot or kicking through a wall―then you can have a Dupe appear there. You can cancel any one of your Dupes at any time as a free action. They simply disappear without a trace (although you can describe that in more detail, if you want to).

Your Dupes have your personality and think just like you. They happily obey your orders, but they also have their own sense of self-preservation and, just as you would, will refuse to go on a suicide mission unless the circumstances are dire (NB: Sending a Dupe on a suicide mission is, by definition, proof that you wouldn’t go yourself). For the sake of simplicity, you will most often play your Dupes yourself but the GM reserves the right to take over for you if circumstances dictate it. For example, if a Dupe were to uncover a game-changing secret that you haven’t discovered yet, then the GM might step in.

You should have a couple of shortened character sheets with your Dupes‘ stats on-hand for games. They need the following information: Hit Dice, Hit Points, Initiative, Speed, Defence, Attacks, Damage, Saving Throws, Ability Scores, Class Features, Skills, Feats, and Proficiencies, as well as Power Points and Powers, if you take the appropriate enhancements.


Enhancement: Blind Loyalty
Cost: 3CP

Your Dupes follow your orders blindly, including suicide missions or unethical acts, although it would be inconsistent with your own ethics to order Dupes to do things that are inconsistent with your ethics, wouldn’t it?


Enhancement: Chained Duplication
Cost: 3cp
Range: 5 ft.

You can now create Dupes in a chain, each one adjacent to the last, rather than each one being adjacent to you.


Enhancement: Empathy
Cost: 3CP
Range: 50 miles

You and your Dupes can sense each other’s basic emotions. At any time, any one of you can actively scan the other members of the group, including one of the Dupes scanning you. This takes a swift action. You/they will read one of the following emotional states: afraid, angry, confused, happy, sad. Physical barriers do not normally block this communication, though Powered fields potentially can.


Enhancement: Telepathy
Cost: 3CP
Prerequisite: Empathy
Range: 50 miles

You and your Dupes can communicate mentally, in real-time, exactly as if you were talking. Physical barriers do not normally block this communication, though Powered fields potentially can.


Enhancement: Unity
Cost: 5CP
Prerequisite: Empathy, Telepathy
Range: 50 miles

You and your Dupes are fully aware of each other to such an extent that you are effectively one mind that happens to be split into two or more bodies. The whole group automatically knows everything that any one member knows. You work in perfect harmony and constantly creep other people out by finishing each other’s sentences. In combat, you effectively gain the Cooperative Attack feat, but only when Aiding each other. This does not constitute a prerequisite for the Improved Cooperative Attack feat.


Enhancement: Dupe Traits
Cost: 3CP

Your Dupes have your traits.


Enhancement: Dupe Powers
Cost: 5CP
Prerequisite: Dupe Traits

Your Dupes have your powers, including Gadgets and Iconic Items, but no other kind of Super equipment or Item powers.


Enhancement: Dupe Power points
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: Dupe Powers

When you generate a Dupe, it takes half of your remaining Power Points with it (rounded down, you keep the remainder).


Enhancement: Power-Point Pool
Prerequisite: Dupe Powers, Dupe Power Points
Cost: 4CP

You and your Dupes all expend your Power Points at once rather than everyone having separate totals. They can draw on your Power Points effectively regardless of distance from you if you’re on the same planet/in the same dimension. Have at it.


Enhancement: Memory Retention
Cost: 2CP

When you cancel your Dupes, their memories and experiences automatically transfer into your mind. You can send one to watch a subject and it doesn’t have to report back, for example. Just cancel it and its memories flood into yours. This can lead to a sense of split personality because even though you  logically know which memories are yours and which are the Dupe‘s, you subjectively experienced all of it.


Enhancement: Ranged Dupe
Cost: 4cp
Range: 30 ft.

You can now create your Dupes up to 30 ft. away from yourself, but you must have line of sight with the spot on which you create them. You can take this enhancement up to 3 times. Its effects stack.

Enhancement: Reduced Drain
Cost: 2CP
Sustain: per round/hour

Your sustain cost changes from per minute to per hour when not in combat.


Enhancement: Robust Dupe
Cost: 6CP

Your Dupes have a number of HPs equal to your total. This does not change their actual HD, just their total HPs.


Enhancement: Simulacra
Cost: 10CP

If you die while you have at least one Dupe activated, then something akin to your life essence will flow into one of your  Dupes (the GM will choose randomly). Over the course of a day, that Dupe will slowly regain all of your original character’s memories, abilities, levels, powers, feats, skills, etc. Which is to say, after 24 hours, that Dupe becomes your character, as you knew him or her. For role-playing purposes, your Dupe might occasionally have some degree of identity crisis, wondering if he or she is actually the original, or merely a copy that took on the original’s soul or mind, but in game terms, it is your original character.


Limitation: Argumentative
Value: 3CP

Your Dupes feel no natural loyalty to you past their own sense of ethics (which means that if you’re a bastard, so are your Dupes).If your Dupes have access to your powers, they might even argue about who is the original. GMs might prefer to play Argumentative Dupes themselves, for the sake of making sure that they’re a genuine pain in the ass.


Limitation: Contact Cancellation
Value: 3CP

You have to physically absorb your Dupes back into your body in order to cancel them, which requires that you move into one’s square. Absorbing a Dupe is a free action. If it’s in a grapple or otherwise being held by someone who’s moving, you need to make a touch attack against the Dupe to cancel it, but a normal or Blindly Loyal Dupe won’t try to dodge your touch. An Argumentative Dupe could very well try to avoid being cancelled, especially if it thinks it’s real and perceives you as a threat. Until you cancel your Dupes, they continues to consume PPs, whether you want them to or not. They disappear only once you run out of PPs.

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