Duelists are experts with a particular weapon and specifically trained to use that weapon against a similarly equipped opponent. Nothing gives a Duelist more pleasure than facing down a combatant skilled in the very same weapon. Duelists are mostly experts in mêlée weapons, specifically swords, but can also be trained in the subtleties of a gun fight or open-handed combat. The primary powers of a Duelist are Strength and/or Dexterity, so that they can wield their chosen weapon with the greatest effectiveness, followed by Constitution, which they use to survive long enough to win their duels, or Intelligence, so that they can take the Intelligence-based feats that aid in duels (see below). Although the typical Duelist isn’t a high-powered character, it is perfectly feasible to build a superhero who’s chosen duelling weapon is a telephone pole or Energy Attack.

The best classes for Duelists have high BA and HPs, so Champion and Warrior. Soldiers, who are more focused on tactical victory than “honourable” duels, are not as suited to being Duelists, although it is conceivable that the particular expectations of a given duelling style might be that you to catch your opponent off-guard, in which case the Soldier’s sneak attacks might come in handy. Martial Artists have lower HPs than Champions, Warriors, or Soldiers, but their BA is just as high, and they have access to special abilities relating to unarmed combat that could be directly applicable to a specific kind of duel.

Duelists stride into combat and face their opponents head on. They dispatch with untrained opponents quickly and with little joy, unless the challenge is truly interesting (e.g., fighting five armed combatants while hanging from a chandelier and drinking a glass of wine). If they encounter an opponent they deem to be suitably trained, Duelists will approach and challenge them openly. From then on, Duelists will concentrate on only that opponent, engaging with others only in order to get closer to, and ultimately defeat, that opponent. They consider it gauche and potentially even dishonourable to interrupt such a fight. Duelists attract arch-enemy Duelists like white pants collect black cat hair.



Ability Enhancement: Strength or Dexterity +5 10CP
Amazing Accuracy or Amazing Fighting +10 20CP
Amazing Initiative +10 10CP


Recommended Feats

Action Hero, Combat Expertise (Improved, Awesome), Improved Critical Range (Improved Critical Damage), Holdout, Improved Initiative (Awesome, Supreme), Merciful Mauler, Mercy Blow, Weapon Focus (Weapon SpecialisationGreater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialisation), Quick Draw, Quick Sheath.

Mêlée: Blind Fight, Cleave (Great Cleave), Improved Staple, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Sunder (Precise Sunder), Super Strike, Two-Weapon Fighting (Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Mixed Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Defence), Weapon Finesse

Ranged: Lethal Hurling, Point Blank Shot (Precise Shot, Deadeye, Rapid Shot, Combat Shot, Manyshot, Greater Manyshot, Shot on the Run)

Tongue-In-CheekTactical Nude Advantage

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