Dominate Animals [power]


Cost: 8CP
Activate: 1PP; full-round action
Sustain: per round; free action
Range: 300ft
Save: Will (negates), Charisma

This power allows you to mentally dominate and control animals at a distance. You can control any number of animals within range as long as their total Hit Dice do not exceed your rank. Each affected animal is allowed a Saving Throw to resist your domination. You cannot control insects or any animals with an Intelligence greater than 2. Familiars and other enhanced animals are also immune to this power. You can, at a distance, mentally command any animal you successfully dominate.

The commands must be simple, and the animal must be able to understand and perform them. Thus, you can command a dog to guard or fetch, but commanding a budgie to dig a tunnel is futile. Likewise, a nightingale might be able to sing well, but you cannot get it to sing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony because it does not understand that concept. The animal remains in control of its actions but will obey commands without hesitation or dispute. If not actively commanded, an animal will fall back on the last general command it was given, that it can continue to do, such as “guard me” or “attack him.” If it can’t do so, it will act of it’s own accord, which might include leaving the area of control. If dominated animals move out of range, the domination immediately ends.

Using the power requires a great deal of concentration. Thus, you lose your Dexterity bonus to Defence, and you can take only a single standard or move action each round in which the power is active. You take a -4 circumstance penalty to all skill checks except for Concentration.

If you and another character both attempt to control the same animal, you roll an opposed test using your Will saves. Whomever rolls higher takes control of the animal for a number of rounds equal to the margin by which she won the opposed roll.


Enhancement: Extended Range
Cost: 2CP

Triple the range at which you can control animals (900 feet).


Enhancement: Increased Domination
Cost: 1CP per rank (extra HD of animal)

For every rank in this enhancement, you can control 1 addition Hit Die of animals beyond your level. You also get a +1 bonus on opposed Will Saves to contest control of an animal. You can take this enhancement up to 8 times. Its bonuses stack.


Limitation: Limited Animal Types
Value:  varies

You can Dominate only a limited kind of animals.

  • 1CP :Wide Group. You can Dominate a single kingdom of animals (mammalian, aviary, reptilian, aquatic, or insectoid).
  • 2CP: Limited Group.You can Dominate a specific group of animals within a kingdom, such as bovines or birds of prey.
  • 3CP: Tiny Group. You can Dominate a particular kind of animal, like cats, or hawks.
  • 4CP: Specific Creature. You can Dominate one particular animal, like a specific bread of domesticated animal, such as a Siamese cat or a Doberman, or a particular sub-set of a species, like a Canada goose.

The GM has the final call on what qualifies as a Wide, Limited, Tiny, or Specific form.

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