Doc Sprocket

(created by Jan-Carlo “Jay” Garcia)


Full Name: n/a

Appearance: Doc Sprocket is an intricately worked, well-articulated bronze-and-steel robot dressed in a snappy, but somewhat worse-for-wear, pin-stripe suit and top-hat. The Doc’s immobile face is decorated with precious metals, gold and silver, its fingers are tipped with soft leather, and its feat covered in rubber treads, although it insists on wearing size-16 wing-tips with spats. When it goes out in public, it tends to wear its suit and top hat, black gloves, a thick scarf wrapped around its lower face, and large sunglasses over its “eyes.” Its voice emanates from its head, but its lips do not move, and it sounds like a record-player from the 1890s. The Doc has never allowed anyone to open it and inspect its inner workings. However, passive observation indicates that it contains technology and materials from a variety of historical eras, including Hellenic mechanics, Medieval metallurgy, Victorian steam power, automobile parts, and modern electronics.

Personality/History: As part of an estate salvage sale, carnies from one of America’s great travelling carnivals purchased an odd item quite cheaply: an ancient-looking steamer trunk with the words “Doc Sprocket” stencilled in fading black ink on the side. Locked within was the folded form of the Doc himself. Padded around this “statue” were decaying clothes from a variety of eras; ancient Greek togas, Renaissance doublets and hose, Victorian gentlemen’s evening-wear, and (the last being the least ruined) a dark blue threadbare suit with matching top hat. The statue was dressed in the suit and hat and put on display in their Gallery of Curiosities. The day after it went on display, it went missing.

Doc Sprocket no longer remembers for what reason it was created. All it knows is that it seeks to find and protect “strangeness.” Thankfully for the world, it finds most humans “strange.”

Delusions of Humanity (Custom Mental Comp): Doc Sprocket is (apparently) a clockwork and steam-driven robot that thinks that it is human. Nothing that anyone can do or say will dissuade it from believing this fact. It does realise that even for a human, it is rather unusual, but highly unusual humans are all over the place. The Doc believes in its humanity so strongly that it reacts “appropriately biological” even when it shouldn’t. If it becomes aware of an effect that should harm a human, it will mimic whatever it thinks a human reaction would be, “drowning” underwater, “asphyxiating” from lack of oxygen, making coughing noises in smoke, or even suffering from a psychosomatic flu.  For game purposes, this means that Doc Sprocket rolls a Will save (instead of a Fortitude save) against any such effects once it becomes aware of them, and it suffers the appropriate consequences. If it doesn’t know the appropriate consequences, the Doc will fake them.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Power Theme:  Doc Sprocket’s “powers” are all the results of its robotic body, as such it’s tougher and faster than humans, and surprisingly agile. Its main weapons are two ratcheting, steam-impact fists. When “the gloves come off,” his forearms revolve outwards and expand, steam hisses from artfully-concealed brass-and-steel fittings, and the fingers of its hands telescope outward and lock into “Pugilism Mode.”

Combat: The Doc is a speedy, hand-to-hand brawler who leaps into the fray with simulated gusto. It is seemingly incapable of deliberately harming an innocent human, but anyone it identifies as a “villain” or “monster” will receive a good thrashing. Doc Sprocket has little technique and no panache, but it makes up for that with single-mindedness.


Class Champion 10
Species Biodroid
Character Level 10 (10 levels + 101 CPs)
Hit Dice 10d10 (89 HPs)
Mass. Damage n/a
Initiative 7
Speed 30 ft.
Defence  30 (Class +5, Dex +7, Cha +8); DR 30
Touch: 30, Flat-Footed: 23
Knockback  13
Base Attack +10 / +5
Mêlée:+18 / +13Ranged: +17 / +12
Attacks Unarmed Strike +19/+14 (d6 +8 NL, Knockback +8)
Pugilism Mode +19/+14 (6d6 +8 NL, Knockback +8)
Ability Scores Str 26 +8, Dex 25 +7, Con n/a (Robot), Int 10, Wis 8 -1 , Cha 26 +8

Natural: Str 18 +4, Dex 17 +3, Cha 20 +5
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance Strangeness
Saves  Fort +9, Reflex +12, Will +4
Action Points 10 AP
Reputation +9
Occupation none
Skills 52
Climb +18 (rnk 10), Intimidate +15 (rnk 10), Jump +20 (rnk 10), Observe +4 (rnk 5), Repair +10 (rnk 10), Treat Injury +4 (rnk 5), Tumble +16 (rnk 5)
Languages English
Feats Brawl (Knockout Punch), Great Fortitude (Awesome), Power Attack (Improved Knockback, Awesome Knockback), Standing Jump, Toughness x4
Proficiencies Armour, Shields, Weapons (mêlée, improvised, over-sized)
Power Die 35 PPs
Origin Supertech
Powers 100cp
Ability Enhancement Str +8, Dex +8, Cha +8 48cp
Amazing Leap Powered rnk 4 (Jump +50) 5cp
Catfall 60 ft. 4cp
Damage Reduction DR 30, Density Increase x4 30cp
Mighty Lifting 2 Ranks (x3 to lift) 4cp
Natural Weapons “Pugilism Mode” 9cp Improved Damage 6d6, Retractible
Special Abilities Swaggering Bravado, Iconic Attack +3, Chutzpah!, Iconic Presence +1, Bombastic Aura I, Bonus Feat (Brawl, Knockout Punch, Power Attack), Unshakable Resolve
Highly Experienced  (Robot LA +1) 10cp
Skill Points rnk 1 1cp
Bizarre Area Effect 2 Ranks +4cp
Delusions of Humanity custom Comp +6cp
Wealth +10


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