(created by Charlie Dunn)


Full Name: Jack Dupp

Appearance: Deadline wears a porcelain mask and a black trench coat and fedora. Those who have seen under the mask know that his face is severely burned and unrecognisable. He doesn’t wear it to keep his identity secret. The mask and coat are in fact manifestations of pure will. They will dissipate on the day he dies.

Personality/History: Ace reporter Jack Dupp was incorruptible. Time after time, he published the dirty laundry of a dark and heartless city. He scoured the underworld to expose the worst of humanity to the light of day. This insatiable desire to meet out justice was his undoing.

Following a lead from an anonymous source, Jack followed the right-hand man of Vinnie “The Nose” Scarpitelli deep into the warehouse district. He snuck into the abandoned warehouse with only his courage and his video camera to protect him. Inside he found barrels and barrels of toxic waste. Rather than properly dispose of the sludge that was produced by the city’s chemical factories, The Nose took the money for the disposal contracts and stored it temporarily before pouring into the sewers.

Jack had just finished collecting enough evidence to put The Nose away for good when he began to smell an acrid burning. As he burst out of the warehouse office he saw the cavernous space filled with smoke and the fierce orange glow on all sides. Seconds later the warehouse exploded with enough force to level all the surrounding structures, spreading a toxic cloud over the area. Jack Dupp had only enough time to try to shimmy down the floor drain when the building went up, but not before he was horribly scarred and changed for life.

Regaining consciousness on the banks of the river, a shadowy figure rose up, a force of justice and vengeance. Having no fingerprints, no face and no identity, he took the name Deadline. He dons a white porcelain mask, a symbol of the empty page yet to be printed, and travels the darkened streets in a black suit, trench coat and fedora. His weapon is the gun, his justice is final, and his mission is to wipe the city clean once more.

Location: New York, NY, USA

Power Theme: Deadline’s powers are, like his costume, manifestations of pure, angry will power, awakened by the accident that cost him his face. They give him an unusual sensitivity to danger as well as physical toughness.

Combat: Deadline prefers to get the drop on his opponents, hitting them hard so they never get a chance to hit back. He sneaks up on them, often counting on his high initiative to get the first blow, and then unloads his pistol. Deadline is very careful about who he kills, though, and so he’s trained himself to hold his own in a fist-fight without doing permanent harm. His justice may be blind, but it’s not without mercy.


Class Sleuth 4
ECL 4 (4 levels + 40cp)
Species Human
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Hit Dice 4d6 HP (16)
Power Points 6+3d6 (16)
Origin Psionic
Initiative 7
Speed 30ft
Defence +17 (Class +2, Dex +2, Danger Sense +3)
Touch +17; Touch: +17 , Flat Footed: N/A
Base Attack +3 (mêlée: +3, ranged +13)
Fist +4 (1d6 NL)
Medium Pistol +15 “Colt 1911” (2d6 ballistic)
Double Tap Medium Pistol +13 (3d6 ballistic)
Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 14 +2, Con 10, Int 16 +3, Wis 16 +3, Cha 8 -1
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Saves Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +9
Reputation 0
Action Points 8
Occupation Investigative
Skills 41 points
Climb +7 (rnk 7), Computer Use +6 rnk 3), Cr: Writing +6 (rnk  3), Disable Device +10 (rnk 7), Investigate +10 (rnk 7), Kn:  Current Events +6 (rnk 3), Observe +10 (rnk 7), Repair +3 (locks  +2) (rnk 0), Search +10 (rnk 7), Sense Motive +10 (rnk 7), Stealth +9 (rnk 7), Survival +3 (tracking +2) (rnk 0), Treat Injury  +4 (rnk 1)
Languages English, Spanish, German
Feats Brawl, Double Tap, Holdout, Point Blank Shot
Proficiencies Armour, Firearms, Weapons (mêlée)
Class Features: Connection (4CP), Investigative Knack, Bonus  Feat: Iron Will, Slippery Mind, Sharp  Eyes I, Sixth Sense
Powers 35cp
Amazing Accuracy ranged +10 20cp
Amazing Initiative rank 5 (Initiative +5) 5cp
Amazing Leap Wall Spring 3CP
Catfall rank 2 4CP
Danger Sense 3CP
Advantages 7cp
Amazing Costume 2CP

??? rank 2 4CP
Fearless 3CP
Skill Points rank 4 (16 points) 2CP
Comps +4cp
Calling Card +2CP
Insatiable Curiosity +2CP
Wealth 9
Amazing Costume black trench-coat and two-piece suit with white, featureless mask
Medium Pistols 2, “Colt 1911”
Hand-Held Digital Video Camera 30 minutes of memory


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