Danger Sense [trait]


Cost: 3CPs

With this trait, you cannot be caught flat-footed. Your Dexterity bonus to Defence is effectively always on because you have a preternatural sense of when something or someone is about to attack you.


Enhancement: Unsurprised
Cost:  3CPs

You cannot be surprised in combat, which means that attackers never get a surprise round against you. If you are with a team and the rest of your team is surprised, you get to roll your initiative at the same time as your attackers (who have a surprise round) and then act according to that initiative roll.


Enhancement: Precognition
Cost: 2CPs

You can detect the looming presence of unknown danger within a 30-foot radius of your position. Anything immediately dangerous or threatening (i.e., preparing to cause harm within a round or two) raises a tingly sensation on the back of your neck. You cannot define the nature of the danger or the direction from which it will comes, but you know it’s there. In game terms, the GM must inform you of any such danger but is under no obligation to describe its location or nature. (It is useful for you, the player, to regularly remind the GM that you have this ability so that she can inform you of any dangers.)


Enhancement: Combat Sense [power]
Cost: 5cp
Activate: 1pp; free
Sustain: 1pp; round

In combat, you can invoke a Reflex Save vs. attacks. The DC is [yet to be determined]

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