d20 Modern Classes

If you have a particular fondness for the standard classes in the MSRDs, then you can still play them in Phoenix using one of the two following optional rules: using the Modern classes (Base/Advanced) or mixing them (Base/Superhero). However, we don’t recommend you mix these options because the superhero classes are significantly stronger than the modern classes. However, if you don’t mind having different power levels in the same game, then have at it. It’s your game.

Modern Classes

You can simply use the Base and Advanced classes from d20 Modern as written but with the addition of 10CP per level and access to Powers and Ads/Comps. The standard classes are less powerful than the superhero classes, in keeping with the superhero genre, but if you know and like those standard classes, then you can use them without much trouble. All you need to add to a pre-existing class in order to play it in Phoenix is a Power Die. The Table below lists the power dice for the standard Advanced classes.


Base/Advanced Power Dice

Class Die Class Die
Strong d6 Field Scientist d8
Fast d8 Gunslinger d6
Tough d6 Infiltrator d6
Smart d8 Investigator d6
Dedicated d8 Mage d10
Charismatic d6 Martial Artist d6
Acolyte d10 Negotiator d8
Battlemind d10 Personality d8
Bodyguard d6 Soldier d6
Daredevil d6 Techie d6
Field Medic d8 Telepath d10


If you want to use a class that’s not in the table, it’s not particularly difficult to come up with a power die. Power Dice range from d6 to d10. The Power Die is granted based primarily on need. If the class is oriented toward a particular kind of power that requires a lot of PPs, then it gets a bigger power die. The Thinker, for example, needs that d10 because its combat abilities are very weak. Warriors, on the other hand, get only d6 because they already have a fair bit of combat readiness, but they’re also more likely to take traits or powers that don’t require a lot of PPs. If you use the Phoenix classes and the standard Advanced classes as a guide, you can assign power dice based on parallel character concepts.

Sample Character: John Law

Mixed Classes

In this model, you use the Base classes and treat the Phoenix classes like Advanced classes. Your first four levelsare in a Base class; they become your backstory from before you were a superhero. When you start playing, you can continue with that Base class or switch to an Advanced class when you meet the prerequisites. The Table below lists the prerequisites for the 13 Phoenix classes.

Sample Character: Ms. Comet


Phoenix Class Prerequisites

Class Hit Dice Power  Dice Base Attack Skill (5 Ranks) Feat
Adventurer 1d8 1d8 +2 Knowledge (history) Action Hero
Champion 1d12 1d6 +3 Knowledge (theology/philosophy) Heroic Intervention
Martial Artist 1d8 1d8 +3 Tumble Combat Martial Arts
Mastermind 1d6 1d10 +3 Intimidate Frightful Presence
Sidekick 1d8 1d8 +2 Escape Artist Low Profile
Sleuth 1d6 1d6 +2 Perception Scepticism
Sneak 1d6 1d6 +2 Disable Device Defensive Martial Arts
Socialite 1d6 1d6 +2 Diplomacy Renown
Soldier 1d10 1d6 +3 Craft (mechanical) Point-Blank Shot
Thinker 1d4 1d12 +1 Knowledge (any) Skill Aptitude
Warrior 1d10 1d6 +3 Climb, Jump, or Swim Toughness
Inventor 1d4 1d12 +1 Powercraft Mastercraft
Mystic 1d4 1d12 +1 Spellcraft Mystical Aptitude
Mentalist 1d4 1d12 +1 Psicraft Wild Talent


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