Craft Mystical Armament


You can craft mystic weapons and armour.

Prerequisite: Mystical Spellcasting (3rd-Level)

Benefit : You can enchant weapons and protective gear with up to a +5 enhancement bonus and a +5 equivalent in special abilities. Chapter 6: F/X contains a list of special arms/armour abilities, but that list is by no means exhaustive.

Crafting Mystic Armaments requires a Laboratory (see Chapter 1: Character Creation) and a mastercraft item to enchant. You can either make your own mastercraft item or enchant an existing one. To enchant an existing item, you must first acquire raw materials for the enchantment process. The PDC = 19, and increases by 2 for every +1 enhancement (or equivalent). Thus a +2 item requires a Wealth check DC 23. The enchanting process takes a half-day for every +1 enhancement bonus (or equivalent). If you enchant a piece of armament with a special ability, you must cast the spell associated with it as part of the enchantment process. The appropriate spell is listed with the special ability description.

If you make your own item, add the time that it takes to make the item (see the Mastercraftskill) to the enchanting time. Furthermore, the PDC for the raw materials equals the PDC of the item, +2 for every +1 enhancement bonus (or equivalent).

Within any given seven-day period, the number of mystical items you can make is limited by the total levels’ worth of spells in them. This includes scrolls, potions, arms, and wands. A 4th-level spell counts as four levels’ worth, for example, and weapon enhancements count as 1 spell level per +1 equivalent. You cannot create more levels worth of spells in 7 days than your Constitution modifier x4. For example, if you have Constitution 18 (+4), then you cannot make more than 16 levels worth of items in one seven-day period.

Note: For more information about Mystic Armaments, see Chapter 6: F/X.

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