Craft Dorje


You can make crystals that stores a psi-power.

Prerequisite: Psionic Manifestation (3rd-Level)

Benefit:  You can attune a dorje with any psi-power that you know. When you attune a dorje, you set the manifesting level of its psi-powers, which must be sufficient to manifest the psi-power in question and no higher than your effective manifesting level. You make any and all choices about the psi-power’s effects at the time of attuning the dorje, including the effective manifesting level of the dorje itself.

Attuning a dorje requires a Laboratory (see Chapter 1: Character Creation) and a number of hours equal to the psi-power’s level + the manifesting level of the psi-power (whatever you decided to set it at), multiplied by 3. A 3rd-level psi-power with an effective manifesting level 2, for example, would take 15 hours ([3 + 2] x 3 = 15). The PDC for materials needed to attune the dorje is 19 + the psi-power’s level + the manifesting level of the dorje (whatever you decide to set it at).

Within any given seven-day period, the number of psionic items you can make is limited by the total levels’ worth of psi-powers in them. This includes cognizance crystals, dorjes, arms, and psi-stones. A 4th-level psi-power counts as four levels’ worth, for example, and weapon enhancements count as 1 spell level per +1 equivalent. You cannot create more levels worth of psi-powers in 7 days than your Constitution modifier x4. For example, if you have Constitution 18 (+4), then you cannot make more than 16 levels worth of items in one seven-day period.

Note:  Dorjes are the direct analogue of wands and Ray Guns. For more information about dorjes, see Chapter 6: “F/X”.

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