Craft Cognizance Crystal


You can infuse crystals with spare power points.

Prerequisite: Psionic Manifestation (2nd-Level)

Benefit: You can create a cognizance crystal, which stores mental energy that can be converted to psionically-attuned PPs (i.e., for manifesting psi-powers only). You can create a cognizance crystal with a number of PPs equal to the PP cost of the highest level of psi-powers you can manifest. This is the effective manifesting level of the crystal, which is used to determine the crafting time, the PDC of the raw materials, and the XP cost.

The crafting process requires a Laboratory (see Chapter 1: Character Creation) and a number of hours equal to the effective manifesting level, the Purchase DC = 17 + the effect manifesting level, and the XP cost is the effective manifesting level squared and then multiplied by the PDC of the raw materials.

Within any given seven-day period, the number of psionic items you can make is limited by the total levels’ worth of psi-powers in them. This includes cognizance crystals, dorjes, arms, and psi-stones. A 4th-level psi-power counts as four levels’ worth, for example, and weapon enhancements count as 1 spell level per +1 equivalent. You cannot create more levels worth of psi-powers in 7 days than your Constitution modifier x4. For example, if you have Constitution 18 (+4), then you cannot make more than 16 levels worth of items in one seven-day period.

Note: Cognizance crystals are the rough equivalent of potions and Superchemicals. For more information about cognizance crystals, see Chapter 6: “F/X”.

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