In a standard game, you cannot take more than 3CP worth of Comps per level (thus, 12CP at character creation), but your GM can choose to lift that maximum as she sees fit. Similarly, you can take new Ads/Comps at every level-up, provided that you can supply a suitable explanation for how these things suddenly appeared in your life. Ideally, these new Ads/Comps will result from experiences you’ve actually had, in-game, such as developing a Phobia, building a Lair, or undergoing a radical physical change that results in a Power Redistribution. If, in the normal course of the game, you acquire something that functions like a Comp, such as a Nemesis, then you are within your rights to ask the GM if you can receive compensation for it in the form of CPs. The GM might say no, but you are entitled to ask.

You can buy off Comps with CPs as part of the process of levelling-up. Buying off a Comp costs the value of the Comp plus 1CP for every 4CP of its value, to a minimum of 1CP extra (i.e., value of the Comp plus 25%, rounded up). A 6CP Bane costs a total of 8CP to remove, for example (see table, below).

Buying Off Comps

Comp’s Value Cost
1CP to 4CP Value + 1CP
5CP to 8CP Value + 2CP
9CP to 12CP Value + 3CP
13CP to 16CP Value + 4CP


A word of warning, do not turn the Comps Table into a shopping trip. Comps aren’t here to give you bonus CPs. They’re here to give you an in-game balancing factor against a character trait that you chose in order to make your character more interesting. If you take a Comp knowing that it won’t have an effect on how you play the game, then it’s not a “complication” and you shouldn’t have taken it. At the very least, you shouldn’t be rewarded for it.

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