Comps Table

Name Cost Effect
Accelerated Metabolism 3CP / rank you need a lot food and sleep
Animal Antipathy 1CP animals just don’t like you
Anxious Activation 3CP / rank powers go off when you’re upset
Bad Driver 3CP / rank cars just don’t like you
Bad Rep 1CP / rank a lot of people just don’t like you
Bad Save 1CP -1 to one Saving throw
Bad Shot 2CP / rank you suck with ranged weapons
Bane var. your own, personal kryptonite
Berserker Rage 5CP you sometimes lose it in combat
Bizarre Area Effect var. something’s differentabout you
Calling Card var. you always leave your mark
Chemical Activation 4CP your powers need chemicals
Chemical Dependency 2CP / rank you need a chemical to function
Cold-Blooded 2CP you need heat to keep moving
Dependent var. people you have to protect
Diurnal Power Cycle 4CP powers only at night/in the day
Dramatic Activation var. power word or gesture
Empowered 1CP / rank turn a Trait into a Power
Energy Weakness 1CP penalty to resist energy types
Favours Owed 3CP / rank you owe someone, big
Form Shift 2CP shift from normal to heroic form
Forsworn From Firearms 2CP / rank you really don’t like guns
F/X Deficiency 2CP barred from one domain/school
Glass Jaw 2CP crits affect you more severely
Hero’s Code 2CP / rank rules to live by
Illiterate 1CP you can’t read
Impaired Hearing 2CP you can’t hear as well as others
Impaired Mobility 2CP / rank you can’t move as well as others
Impaired Vision 2CP / rank you can’t see as well as others
Inattentive 1CP you are oblivious
Insatiable Curiosity 2CP you can’t let secrets go
Large-Sized 2CP you are large
Light Sensitive 1CP / rank the light… it burns…
Light Headed 1CP / rank you get knocked out a lot
Magnetic Signature 2CP electronics don’t like you
Monologeur 3CP / rank you like making speeches
Nemesis var. an arch-enemy of your very own
Non-Oxygen Breather 2CP / rank you don’t breath air
Not From Around Here 3CP / rank you’ve missed out on some things
Notoriety 2CP everyone wants a piece of you
Origin Vulnerability 1CP / rank -1 to resist one Origin
Ostracism 2CP / rank the world hates you
Phobia 2CP / rank you’re afraid of something
Poor Healing 6CP healing is half as effective on you
Quirky Systems 2CP supertech penalized if damaged
Shortfall 2CP / rank lose Profession check for Wealth
Slow Activation 1CP / rank casting time increases
Slow Witted 1CP -2 to Initiative checks
Small-Sized 2CP you are small
Split Personality 2CP your identities have split
Touch-Activated Power 2CP skin contact sets off your powers
Unimaginative 2CP you can’t create spells/psi-powers
Unipower 2CP / rank use only one power at once
Unreliable Power 1CP / rank Will save required for activation
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