There are five broad kinds of character classes in Phoenix: archetypal, F/X-based, generic, d20 Modern, and Omega levels (the superhero equivalent of Epic).

There are 11 classes designed around superhero archetypes: the millionaire playboy, the thrill-seeker, the vigilante, the living legend, etc. They are not designed around power-concepts, like the blaster, the tank, or the speedster. They are as independent of the powers as possible, which means that you can mix and match personality types with power-suites. We don’t think that class choice should funnel you into one particular choice of tactic or behaviour. Phoenix characters start at 4th level by default because that way there is some parity between their HPs and their powers. Having a character who can punch out a tank but dies from a kitten’s scratch ain’t all that fun. You can, of course, start at 1st level if you want to because it’s not like we can stop you.

  • Adventurer: restless thrill-seekers who live on luck
  • Champion: charismatic heroes with a cause
  • Martial Artist: masters of exotic fighting systems
  • Mastermind: forceful tacticians and leaders
  • Sidekick: highly-trained team players
  • Sleuth: addicted to mysteries and not afraid to swing their fists
  • Sneak: the ever-lovin’ masters of being sneaky
  • Socialite: rich and motivated
  • Soldier: military-trained professionals who get the job done
  • Thinker: cerebral heroes who think before they act
  • Warrior: masters of the sweet science of kicking ass

The other four types of classes are optional: FX-based, generic, d20 Modern, and Omega

F/X Classes are built around the three types of F/X powers.

Generic Superheroes are totally customizable classes that you build using a point-buy system.

d20 Modern classes are the Base and Advanced classes from the d20 Modern Role-Playing Game, which you can either use in Phoenix or mix with superhero classes.

Omega Levels are a high-powered option in Phoenix that allows you to play past level 20.