Chemical Activation

Value:  4CP

You must ingest, inject, or otherwise introduce a specific chemical formula into your body in order to use your powers. The effect lasts for one hour  or until you use half of your PP total, whichever comes first.

Your chemical can be a known illegal drug (PDC 6) that you could be arrested for buying, possessing, or making yourself. It can be a legal drug that is expensive (Purchase DC 10) and for which you would need a prescription from a medical doctor. Finally, it could be a special substance you make yourself (Purchase DC 8) that, though not technically illegal, pushes the boundaries of legality and could get you in legal trouble. For this last kind of Chemical, you must have an appropriate skill, most likely Craft (pharmaceutical) or Craft (chemical), to make, mix, or brew it. Creating a single dose requires a skill check (DC 15) and one hour in a relatively clean space, such as a kitchen or a bathroom. You can Take 10 on this check if you are in a totally safe environment.

If you regularly take your Chemical, every hour or less on each and every day, for example, then your GM might impose a Chemical Dependency on you. Thus, if you get your Chemical, your PPs are replenished, but if you don’t, you suffer from withdrawal. You would not, however, suffer the side-effects listed in Chemical Dependency.

There are two different Additional Comps that go with this Comp. You can take either one, but not both.

Additional Comps

Additional Comp: Chemical Power-Point Generation

Value: 1CP

In addition to having to use your chemical to activate your powers at all, you must take it to regenerate Power Points. Every six hours, when you would normally regenerate your points on your own, you have to take your chemical. Without your chemical, your body just doesn’t do the job.

This Additional Comp is incompatible with Single Power.


Additional Comp: Single Chemically-Activated Power
Value: 2CP

One of your powers relies on your Chemical. One dose grants you the ability to activate that power for 1 full hour. This Additional Comp can be applied to traits. If it is, then the trait physically manifests―you grow extra Appendages or Natural Weapons for example―for a full hour and then it disappears. You can take this Additional Comp multiple times. Each time, it applies to a different power.

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