Charismatic Aura [power]


Cost: varies
Activate: 1PP; varies
Sustain: per round; free action
Range : varies
Save : Will (negates), Charisma-based

You can radiate an aura of charisma around you that influences the emotions of anyone within range. People exposed to your aura can roll a Saving Throw to avoid the effects. Charismatic Aura is a mind-affecting power and affects everyone within the area. Anyone who is either in the radius of the power when you activate it, or who enters the radius while it’s already activated, must make a saving throw or be subject to whichever mode of the power you choose (see below). Anyone who leaves the radius instantly sloughs off the effects.

The cost of this power varies depending on the area of effect (radius) and the activation time. Multiply the area cost by the activation multiplier to determine the total cost of the power. Sustaining the power requires no concentration. There are three modes to choose from: Charm, Intimidation, and Repulsion. You can take this power multiple times. Each time, you gain a different mode.


People affected by this power look upon you as a trustworthy and respectable friend. You cannot control them like automata, but they perceive your words and actions in the most favourable way. Charmed people do not obey orders harmful to themselves, never obey orders to commit suicide, and only obey orders to get into combat if they think they can win. This power cannot affect people who are already engaged in combat against you or your allies. If you or your allies threaten them, you trigger a new saving throw. If the subject(s) succeed on that save, they are immune to the power’s effects for 1 full minutes (10 rounds).


People affected by this power look upon you as a figure of great menace and near invulnerability. Affected people do not flee, but cannot to take any form of hostile or hindering action against you. They are thoroughly convinced that any such action would have no positive effect and terrible consequences. This effect does not prevent affected people from taking hostile action against your allies. If the subject(s) of the power witness someone else hitting you for damage or otherwise harming you, they get a fresh saving throw. If the subject(s) succeed on that save, they are immune to the power’s effects for 1 full minutes (10 rounds).


People affected by this power immediately want nothing more than to escape from your area of effect, forcing them to run away from you. Until they are outside the power’s area, they cannot take any other action but escaping from you. Once outside the area, the effect falls. If they re-enter your area of effect, they must make a fresh saving throw.

Area of Effect Cost
5 feet 5CP
10 feet 7CP
15 feet 9CP
20 feet 11CP
25 feet 13CP
30 feet 15CP
Activation Time Cost Multiplier
Full-Round Action x1
Standard Action x2
Move  Action x3


Enhancement: Duration
Cost: 3CP

In addition to being affected when they are inside your area, subjects of your power are also affected for 1d6 rounds after they leave the area. All other rules remain the same.


Enhancement: Reduced Area
Cost: 3CP

You can control the exact radius that your aura affects, from as small as 5 feet up to your maximum. Changing the area of effect requires a quick action.


Enhancement: Selective Presence
Cost: 4CP

Your aura effects only those in your area of effect whom you want it to effect. You can selectively exclude anyone in your radius, such as friends and allies, from being affected by your aura. You can alter whom the aura effects as a quick action.

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