Ads & Comps

Advantages and Complications, Ads and Comps for short, are little extras that aren’t quite feats and certainly aren’t powers, but nevertheless have a real effect on your life. Where feats usually indicate some skill or ability that you possess, Ads can be material, like an indestructible costume, or extremely ephemeral, like a boost to your good name.

Comps are things that make your life a little more complicated, as their name implies, but not necessarily flaws or hindrances. A dependant family member or loved one, for example, complicates your life, as does a strong dislike of guns. Neither of these things are bad. They just make being a superhero a little tougher. Ads cost CPs and Comps grant CPs. 

You must clear your Ads and Comps with your GM because some, specifically the Comps, might simply not complicate your life enough in a particular game setting or under a certain style of play. Forsworn From Firearms, for example, complicates your life only if you live in a country in which firearms are commonly available and legal. Similarly, if your GM runs a light-hearted, high-fantasy game, then it may be the case that nobody uses firearms to begin with. Similarly, in a game set in a small, urban area, Bad Driver might not mean much because you don’t do any driving at all.

Many Ads/Comps are purchased on a per-rank basis. The cost per rank is listed in the description, and the total costs are listed next to the rank description. For example, 3 ranks in Ally is 6CP (2CP per rank). Ads and Comps also have enhancements or Additional Comps, which you purchase separately, over and above the cost/value of the Ad or Comp itself.