Character Creation

Basic Rules

These posts cover basic rules that underpin the Phoenix game: how to use character points to buy various elements of your character, and how ability scores work in a superhero game.

Genre Guidelines

These posts describe how to bridge the gap between the superhero genre and RPGs. They are mostly flavour text, except for Secret Identities and Super Teams, which have hard rules.



Templates in Phoenix function as they normally do in d20, with one addition. They also have an optional CP Cost. This means if you take, for example, the Atlantean template, you can either “pay” with two levels (and thus start as a 2nd-level PC), or you can buy the template for 20CPs (10 CP per level, as per the Highly Experienced advantage). Species bonuses to ability scores are traits and not powers because they are fundamental to physiology of the species.

The SRDs detail several fantasy races (dwarves, elves, half-elves, half-orcs, and gnomes) as well as Sci-Fi species, and there are dozens of options in other published sources. Any pre-existing race will either be balanced so that you can take it at first level or it will have a Level Adjustment. In addition to those published races, we provide eight new ones:

These new species are written with a minimal amount of biographical/cultural detail so that you can alter them to fit your own game world. Also, feel free to add or remove powers in order to further tailor them to your game. Just make sure to alter their Level Adjustment/CP Cost accordingly.


Power Suites

Power suites are groups of pre-bundled powers, feats, and advantages/complications with a CP cost attached so that you can simply buy the suite and apply it to your character. The suites are worth 40CP each, and also include suggestions for additional enhancements and/or feats you might take at later levels. The costs of the suites are also broken down by individual items (power, ad/comp, feat, etc.) so that you can add, change, or remove those items as you see fit. Each suite has a recommended class attached, and even some suggestions about tactical application.