Cause Unconsciousness [power]


Cost: 12CP
Activate: 2PP; use-activated (touch attack)
Range: touch
Save: Fortitude (negates), Charisma-based

You can cause your target to become instantly unconscious with a touch. To use this power, spend 2PPs and make a mêlée  touch attack. The target can then make a Saving Throw to avoid being affected.

If the target fails their Fortitude save, they will instantly fall into a deep slumber and become Helpless. Targets remain asleep for 1d6 rounds, or until forcibly woken up by an outside force. Loud sounds (even explosions) or shaking cannot wake them up, but being struck and/or taking damage will. Once awake, they are prone but in full command of their faculties. If you use the power on someone who is already suffering from its effects, then it lasts another 1d6 rounds from that point. The durations are not cumulative. If you use the power on someone who is simply asleep, then all its conditions apply for the duration of the power, but that target will then sleep as long as they normally would have (e.g., until morning, until their alarm goes off, until they have to pee, etc.).


Enhancement: Extended Duration
Cost: 5CP per 1d4 rounds

The duration is extended by an additional 1d6 rounds for each rank in this enhancement. You can take this up to four times, for a maximum duration of 5d6 rounds.


Enhancement: Ranged Use
Cost: 3CP

You can now use Cause Unconsciousness at a range of up to 30 feet. Instead of a mêlée touch attack, you must make a ranged touch attack. The target still gets a save.


Enhancement: Extended Range
Cost: 3CP per rank (30 ft.)
Prerequisite: Ranged Use

For every rank in this enhancement, increase the range of your Cause Unconsciousness by 30 feet, to a maximum of four ranks (150 feet total). The range increment for this power is 30 feet.

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