Cause Pain [power]


Cost: 6CP
Activate: 1PP; use-activated (touch attack)
Range: touch
Save: Fortitude (negates), Charisma-based

You can cause intense pain with a touch. The pain can be sharp or dull, aching or wracking (player’s choice). To use this power, spend 1PP and make a mêlée touch attack. The target gets a Saving Throw to avoid the power’s effects. Victims experience extreme pain throughout their bodies, and suffer a -2 circumstance penalty to:

  • attack rolls
  • skill checks
  • ability checks
  • Reflex Saves

The effect lasts for 1d6 rounds. If you use it again on an already afflicted victim, it will last 1d6 rounds from that time. The durations are not cumulative. The circumstance penalty, however, is cumulative.


Enhancement: Crippling Pain
Cost: 4CP per rank

For every rank in this enhancement, your Cause Pain also reduces your target’s Speed by 5 feet. If you reduce your target’s Speed to 0 feet, then they cannot move at all, but they can perform actions in their square. You can take this enhancement up to 4 times.


Enhancement: Enhanced Pain
Cost: 3CP per rank

For each rank in this enhancement, increase your target’s circumstance penalty by 1 (1 rank is -3, 2 ranks is -4, etc.). You can take this enhancement up to 4 times, which increases the circumstance penalty to -6.


Enhancement: Extended Duration
Cost: 3CP per rank

For each rank of this enhancement, you extend the duration of the power’s effects by an additional 1d6 rounds. You can take the enhancement up to four times, for a maximum duration of 5d6 rounds.


Enhancement: Fatiguing Pain
Cost: 4CP

In addition to all other effects, the victim of this power becomes fatigued. Victims must overcome the fatigue normally; it can, therefore, last longer than the other effects of the power.


Enhancement: Ranged Pain
Cost: 5CP

You can now use Cause Pain at a range of up to 30 feet. Instead of a mêlée touch attack, you must make a ranged touch attack. The victim gets the same saving throw, as usual.


Enhancement: Extended Range
Cost: 4 CP per rank
Prerequisite: Ranged Use

The range at which you can use Cause Pain increases by 30 feet for each rank in this enhancement, to a maximum of four ranks, which grants a range of 150 feet.

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