Cause Fear [power]


Cost: 6CP
Activate: 1PP; use-activated (touch attack)
Range: touch
Save: Will (negates), Charisma-based

You can fill your target with overwhelming fear with a  touch. To use this power, spend 1PPs and make a mêlée touch attack. The target can make a Saving Throw to avoid being overcome with fear. This is a mind-affecting power. If the target fails their  will save, they  become shaken (-2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks).

This power’s effects are cumulative; a shaken person becomes frightened. A frightened target takes the same penalties as a shaken target, but it also attempts to escape from the source of its fear by any means to which it has access, including special abilities or powers. If it can’t run, it might fight.

If you use this power on a frightened target, the target becomes panicked. A panicked target takes the same penalties and attempts to escape the source of the panic just like shaken and frightened targets. It also drops anything it holds, and it’s so unnerved that it runs from almost anything it encounters along its path away from the source of the panic. A panicked target is too scared to fight and cowers if someone attacks it, but it will use the Total Defence action if it’s cornered.

This power’s effects last for 1d6 rounds. Targets remain at the same level of fear (shaken, frightened, or panicked) until the duration ends, at which point they return to normal. The duration does not stack. Instead, every time a target loses its saving throw, you roll a new duration.


Enhancement: Ranged Use
Cost: 4CP

You can now use Cause Fear at a range of up to 30 feet. Instead of a mêlée touch attack, you must make a ranged touch attack. The victim gets a save, as usual.


Enhancement: Extended Range
Cost: 4CP per rank
Prerequisite: Ranged Use

The range at which you can use Cause Fear increases by 30 feet for each rank in this enhancement, to a maximum of four ranks, which grants a range of 150 feet. The Range Increment for this power is 30 feet.


Enhancement: Increased Duration
Cost: 2CP per rank

Each rank in this enhancement extends the duration of the power by an additional 1d6 rounds. You can take this up to four times, for a maximum duration of 5d6 rounds.

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