Cause Earthquake [power]


Cost:  12CP
Activate: 2PP; full-round action
Sustain: full-round action
Range: 60ft

You can cause localized but extremely powerful earthquakes. Select a target point within range and spend 2PP to activate the power. The earthquake affects everything within a 10-foot radius.  It knocks people down, collapses structures, opens cracks in the ground, and more! The shocks last for one full round, during which time people on the ground within the area of effect can’t move along the ground or attack. Anyone attempting to cast a spell or manifest a psi-power must make a Concentration check (DC 20 + spell/psi-power level) or lose any spells they are trying to cast. The earthquake affects all terrain, vegetation, structures, and creatures in the area. The exact effects depend on the terrain and its features.

Cave, Cavern, or Tunnel

The power collapses the roof, dealing 8d6 points of damage to any creature caught under the cave-in. Affected creatures can make a Reflex Save for half damage. An earthquake centred on the roof of a very large cavern could also endanger those outside the actual area of effect but below the falling debris.


Cliff edges crumble, causing a landslide that travels horizontally as far as it fell vertically. An earthquake centred at the top of a 100-foot cliff would cause the falling cliff to sweep 100 feet outward from the base of the cliff. Any creature in the path of the falling debris sustains 8d6 points of damage. Affected creatures can make a Reflex Save for half damage.

Open Ground

All creatures standing in the affected area must make Reflex saves or fall prone. In addition, anyone who fails their save by 10 or more falls into one of the fissures that open in the ground under their feat. “Fissures” can include cracks in a building’s floor, if appropriate (GM’s call). Fissures in the ground are 2d6 feet deep. They slam shut when the power ends, crushing anyone currently residing in one (see the SRDs for rules about being buried alive).


Normal, one- or two-storey structures collapse and deal 8d6 damage to their occupants, who can make a Reflex save for half damage. Particularly sound structures, those reinforced with stone, concrete, or steel, will stay standing, as will any structure that is three storeys or more. However, flying debris and building materials still cause 4d6 worth of damage to their occupants, and they still get a save.

River, Lake, or Marsh

Fissures open underneath the water, draining it away from that area and forming muddy ground. Soggy marsh or swampland becomes quicksand for 1 round, sucking creatures and structures down. Anyone in the area must make a Reflex save or sink into the mud and quicksand. At the beginning of the next round, the rest of the body of water rushes in to replace the drained water, possibly drowning those caught in the mud.


Enhancement: Enhanced Range
Cost: 3CP per rank

The range at which you can cause a quake extends by 30 ft. for each rank in this enhancement. You can take this enhancement a maximum of 3 times.


Enhancement: Enhanced Violence
Cost: 1CP per rank (+1d6 damage)

For every rank, your Earthquakes cause an extra 1d6 damage, if they cause damage at all. You can take this enhancement up to 8 times.


Enhancement: Standard Action Quake
Cost: 3CP

The activate and sustain times for Cause Earthquake are now both one standard action.


Enhancement: Wider Area
Cost: 3CP per rank

Each rank in this enhancement increases the radius of the affected area by 5 feet. You can take this enhancement up to 8 times.

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