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Quadruped Kaiju

The Quadruped Kaiju is a warhound the size of a luxury hotel that breathes nuclear fire. Enjoy.


(created by Orion Ussner Kidder) Full Name: Alpha. Appearance: A slight werewolf, she has the claws, the teeth, the appearance of her kind but not the sheer bulk. She doesn’t cower from a fight so much as she hangs back,

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(created by Orion Ussner Kidder) Full Name: unknown (known alias, “Kefenste Leibenburg”) Appearance: Apex is a large man, 6’5″, so even in human form, he’s imposing. He tends towards large gestures and melodramatic speech, playing everything up to enhance his

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Werewolf (Warrior 8)

Full Name: not applicable Appearance: These lycanthropes have three forms: human, hybrid, and wolf. The hybrid form is slightly taller than the human form, and is most often brown or black, but occasionally shades and patterns of white. They have

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Below, please find three builds of a generic Soldier: level 4, level 8, and level 12.

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