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Energy Ghost

An Energy Ghost is someone whose body is made of pure energy. They can fly, move (or burn) through solid objects, and throw energy blasts. They have no one primary power. Instead, three main powers create the effect: Flight, Phase,

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Not From Around Here

Value: 3CP/rank You’ve been removed from the society that the game takes part in, so you don’t get some of the references. For each rank in this power, you take a cumulative -5 in Knowledge (history, pop culture, & current

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Cost: special (see below) You have a vehicle. You can pick any one of the Generic Vehicles (motorcycle, car, truck, or van/bus), and the base cost of the Ad equals the total cost of the vehicle—including templates, options, and mods—divided

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Super Teams

Any group of heroes (minimum three) can create a Super Team. They merely have to declare their team affiliation, including coming up with a name for the group and possibly a theme or symbol, and then fight villains together for

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