Cat People

Cat People are a cross-breed of humans and felines. There are no Cat People in the modern world, but they can be the results of genetic experiments gone wrong, travellers from a fantasy-based world, or aliens.

Type: Humanoid.

Physical Description: Cat People are about three parts people and one part cat. They have retractable claws on their fingers and toes, a thin layer of fur that can be in a variety of colours and patterns, pointed ears that move when they’re listening and flatten when they’re angry, long tails, and cat-like legs. As a result of the physiology of their legs, they stand slightly shorter than humans even though their limbs are of the about the same length, and they can make leaps of great height.

Size: Medium

Speed: 60 feet (hustle) (Fast Move plus species bonus).

Ability Scores: Dexterity +6.

Starting Occupation: Cat People who are from a community of Cat People will have an equivalent occupation from that community. Their Wealth is based on currency and objects of trade from that community, however, so their Occupation’s Wealth Bonus is halved at character creation.

Amazing Leap: enhancement: Powered Leap 2 levels

Catfall: Base Power.

Animal Affinity: Base Power, but applies only to felines.

Natural Weapons: Two claws and one set of fangs (1d6/2d4). They have retractable claws on their toes that are not combat-effective, but they do enhance their ability to Climb.

Climb: +5 because of their claws. They can also Take 10 when climbing because their claws are strong enough and they’re agile enough to just kinda, you know, hang out.

Super Senses: Base Power, enhancements: Super Hearing, Super Scent.

Feats: Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Light-Footed, Lightning Reflexes, Run, Fast Move, Standing Jump, Track, Two-Weapon Fighting (claws).

Level Adjustment: +4

CP Cost: 40CP.

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