A Brainiac’s most potent arsenal is her mind. They either think their way out of dangerous situations or build their way out. Brainiacs look at the big picture and try to find a resolution to the whole situation rather than attacking individual opponents. On the flip side, a Brainiac who finds himself surrounded by hostile individuals or forces might prudently seek his own safety rather than even engaging with those hostiles. Brainiac’s tend to rely on Super Intelligence and/or Supertech Invention, if they are tech-oriented.

The best Brainiac classes are Inventors and Thinkers because those classes can take the greatest advantage of a high Intelligence score. Thinkers take advantage of sheer volume of knowledge and tactics, while Inventors are particularly oriented towards Supertech Invention; however, a Thinker with Supertech Invention as a power might cover both areas nicely.

Brainiacs try not to get into fights at all, either wiping out their opponents before the fight starts, or, when mired in an unexpected conflict, ending it quickly from a safe position, or simply removing themselves from it. Brainiacs are not forbidden to pick up some combat abilities, of course, but it’s not where their true strength lies.



Ability Enhancement: Intelligence +10 20CP
Supertech Invention 19CP

  • Increased Power II
  • Multiple Activations


Recommended Feats

Invent Superchemicals (Invent Super GearInvent Empowered GearInvent Super ArmamentsInvent DoohickyInvent Ray GunImproved Ray GunInvent Gizmo), Mastercraft (Improved MastercraftAwesome MastercraftSupreme Mastercraft)

Tongue-In-Cheek: Plot Device (Equipment Cache), Technobabble

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