(created by Orion Ussner Kidder)


Full Name: Kyle Uszkalo

Appearance: Brainchild is a thing, White guy in his mid-20s. He wears a light jacket with a white T-shirt that has a cartoony brain stencilled on the front as well as beige cargo pants (or shorts, if it’s warm), and army boots. Back when he was Jr. Mind (see below), he had an Amazing Costume coloured in blue and purple that matched Mr. Mind’s, but those days are long gone.

Personality/History: Kyle was a child prodigy whom Mr. Mind, a telepathic superhero, identified early on and trained to be his sidekick (with Kyle’s parents’ permission). While Mr. Mind specialised in mental communication and projecting illusions, Kyle’s ability was geared towards sheer Telekinetic strength. By the age of 12, he could throw a car, if needs dictated. His incredible Telekinetic power was only rivalled by his once bottomless intellect. Sadly, when Mr. Mind was killed in action, Kyle, only 15 at the time, became embittered. He now ignores his intellect as much as possible and has long since dropped his flashy superhero costume. He can’t quite kick the hero habit, though, and although he denies that he has any interest in heroism as such (he claims he does it ironically), the fact is that he’s still out there, risking life and limb to save innocent people. He’s not really sure why he does it either.

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Power Theme: Brainchild’s powers are all Telekinetic. He started with simply lifting and manipulating objects, but under Mr. Mind’s tutelage, learned to deflect objects, and even raise himself into the air. Since Mr. Mind’s death, he has developed a bit of a nervous Telekinetic tick. Whenever a threat gets within 10 feet of him, he reflexively blasts his Telekinetic energy in all directions. He has learned to restrain himself to the point where these blasts are not lethal, but without Mr. Mind to train him, he doesn’t know how gain more control over this potentially useful ability.

Combat/Tactics: Brainchild’s grasp of combat is somewhat limited. He was trained up as a fighter by Mr. Mind but has little grasp of actual strategy. When his back is to the wall and he feels he needs to fight for his life, he tends to simply throw a dumpster at his attacker but usually just after Flying to a safe position, above and away from the fight. However, if he is not directly threatened and can keep his wits about him, he will  initiate a Telekinetic grapple and simply remove his enemies from the battlefield. Based on his study of architecture, Brainchild is also good at (but reluctant to) do strategic damage to buildings such that they fall down on people. Like dropping heavy weights on them, this is a last-ditch effort on his part as he is not comfortable doing serious bodily harm to anyone. This is not a moral stance, per se, so much as an unwillingness to have it on his conscience.


Class Soldier 6
Species Human
Ethnicity Ukrainian
Nationality American
ECL 6 (6 levels + 60cp)
Hit Dice 6d10 (35hp)
Mass. Damage 50hp
Initiative 1
Speed 30 ft.
Defence  21 (Class +5, Dex +1, Amazing Deflection +5)
Touch 16; Flat-Footed 20
Knockback  15
Base Attack +6/+1 (mêlée: +6/+1, ranged +7/+2)
Unarmed Strike +0 (1d3nl, provokes)
TK Throw 90 ft. +8/+3 (by weight, 20/x2)
TK Slam 90 ft. +17/+12 (by weight, 20/x2)
TK Burst (kinetic, NL) 10-ft. burst (5d6, +4 to knockback)
Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 12 +1, Con 10, Int 30 +10, Wis 12 +1, Cha 10 +26cp
Normal: Int 14 +1
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance Slacker
Saves  Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +5
Action Points 6
Reputation 3
Occupation Adventurer
Skills 144
Climb +4 (rnk 4), Computer Use +14 (rnk 4), Cr: Mechanical +16 (rnk 6), Cr: Structural +14 (identify weak points +2) (rnk  4), Demolitions +19 (rnk 9), Disable Device +14 (rnk  4), Drive 3 (rnk 0), Escape Artist +5 (rnk 4), Gather Info +6 (rnk 4), Intimidate +9 (rnk 9), Investigate +14 (rnk 4), Kn: Earth/Life Sciences +12 (rnk 0), Kn: History +19 (rnk 9), Kn: Popular Culture +14 (rnk 4), Kn: Tactics +19 (rnk 9), Navigate +19 (rnk  9), Observe +10 (rnk 9), Pilot +10 (rnk 9), Psicraft +14 (rnk  4), Repair +19 (engines/machines +2) (rnk 9), Search +14 (rnk 4), Stealth +10 (rnk 9), Survival +10 rnk 9), Treat Injury +5 (rnk 4), Use Device +4 (rnk 4)
Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Swedish
Feats Brawl, Merciful Mauler, Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Focus (Telekinetic Throw), Iron Will, Great Fortitude, Stealthy
Proficiencies Armour, Weapons (simple, improvised)
Power Die 6d6 (21pp)
Origin Psionic
Powers 89cp
Ability Enhancement Intelligence +16 32cp
Amazing Deflection +5 (power) 7cp
Flight Speed 30 ft., Average Skill, Air Lift +2000lbs 10cp
Energy Attack Burst (kinetic), 10 ft. radius, 5d6, Knockback, Non-Lethal, Maximum Power 8cp
Telekinesis Mental Muscle (532/1064/1600 lb.) Extra Hands rnk 2, Imbue Hardness rnk 6, Max Power (Limitation) 32cp
Special Abilities Evasion, Sneak Attack (+2d6)
Wealth 8
Anxious Activation Proximity rnk 1 (Burst Energy Attack) +3cp
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