Brain Doctor

(created by Orion Ussner Kidder)


Full Name: Jamal Carver, MD/PhD

Appearance: Jamal Carver is a Black man in his 30s. At 5’9″ and 170 lb., he’s not especially imposing, but what he lacks in bulk he makes up for in presence. His eyes can just as easily bore into your soul as they can fill you with a sense of safety. In his every-day life, Carver dresses the part of the medical professional: slacks and a tie, lab-coat when called for. In his other life, Brain Doctor wears a long leather coat and form-fitting body-armour underneath, both in shades of blue, the most calming colour.

Personality/History: Jamal Carver was always the kid that other kids went to with their problems. He listened. He didn’t actually say much, but the few words he did speak were enough to make people feel better. He was always listening, always concentrating on what people had to say. A career in psychotherapy simply made sense, to him and everyone who’d known him.

He wrote his doctoral dissertation in how micro-expressions are controlled by the motor-centres of the brain, and at some point during one of his half-awake nights of writing and research, something in him clicked into place. He no longer had to listen to hear what people were thinking. Body language, tone of voice, even just the way someone breathed was enough to open their minds to him. He spent the first several months learning to hone this skill, which started as extremely fine-tuned observation before it blossomed into full-blown telepathy. Then he spent the next few months learning how to turn it off.

After being in private practise for several years, he began to see the possibilities of introducing his keen insight and telepathic powers to world at large, intervening in dangerous situations with his mind, ending violent confrontations not with a fist or a gun, but with a thought.

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Power Theme: Brain Doctor’s powers are all telepathic in nature. He can read minds and sense emotions, nudge people’s thoughts into particular directions, and even perform instant psychotherapy. He doesn’t just fight crime, nor does he just stop criminals. He stops criminality itself.

Combat/Tactics: Brain Doctor rarely raises his fists in anger or has to shield himself from danger, although it has happened just often enough that he protects himself from accidental harm. He first engages a dangerous person in dialogue, employing his highly trained skills (Sense Motive, Bluff, Diplomacy) in concert with his Telepathy (Listen, Long-Term Reading) to “talk” the person down, get them to resolve the situation voluntarily. Failing that, he will resort to more manipulative means (Diplomacy and Telepathic Influence). Once that happens, he then continues the dialogue and uses Instant Therapy to help alleviate the negative feelings and traumas that lead the individual to such dangerous activities to begin with.


Class Socialite 10
Species Human
Ethnicity Trinidadian
Nationality Canadian
ECL 10 (10 levels + 100CPs)
Hit Dice 10d6 (50HPs)
Mass. Damage 50
Initiative +13 (Dex, Feat)
Speed 30 ft.
Defence  25 +8* (Cls +7, Dex +1, *Bombastic Aura +8, Heavy Inserts +3, Undercover Vest +3)
Touch: 17 +5*, Flat-Footed: 24 +5*
Knockback 13
Base Attack +7/+2
Attacks Brawl +8/+3 (1d6 NL)
Psychic Scream DC 22 (stunned, 3PPs)
Telepathic Influence DC 22 (Diplomacy, 2PPs)
Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 12 +1, Con 10, Int 14 +2, Wis 16 +3, Cha 27 +8
Natural: Cha 20 +5
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance The Canadian Medical Association
Saves  Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +11
Action Points 10AP
Reputation +13
Occupation Doctor
Skills 104
Bluff +25 (rnk 13), Cr: Chemical +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Cr:Electronic +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Cr: Mechanical +0 (w  research +4) (rnk 0), Cr: Pharmaceutical +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Cr: Structural +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Cr: Visual Art  +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Cr: Writing +8 (w research +4) (rnk 6), Diplomacy +45 (rnk 13), Disguise +12 (rnk 0), Intimidate +18 (rnk 6), Kn: Art +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Kn:  Behavioural Sciences +15 (w research +4) (rnk 13), Kn:  Business 0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Kn: Civics +0 (w  research +4) (rnk 0), Kn: Current Events +2 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Kn: Earth/Life Sciences +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Kn:  History +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Kn: Physical Sciences  +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Kn: Popular Culture +2 (w  research +4) (rnk 0), Kn: Tactics +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Kn: Technology +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Kn: Theology/ Philosophy +0 (w research +4) (rnk 0), Observe +11 (rnk 8), Profession +16 (rnk 13), Research +15 (w research +4) (rnk 13), Sense Motive +36 (rnk 13), Sleight of Hand +5 (rnk 0), Treat Injury +9 (rnk 6)
Languages English, French
Feats Brawl, Improved Initiative (Awesome, Supreme), Power Focus Telepathy (Improved, Greater)
Proficiencies Armour, Weapons (simple)
Power Die 10d6 (65PPs)
Origin Psionic
Powers 104cp
Ability Enhancement Charisma +5 10cp
Amazing Diplomacy rank 20 Diplomacy +10 20cp
Amazing Scrutiny rank 20 Sense Motive +40 20cp
Resist Power  (PR 33) 25cp
Telepathy Save DC +6 (feats), Listen In, Psychic Scream, Short-Term Reading, Long-Term Reading, Swift-Action Telepathy, Instant Therapy 17cp
Special Abilities Comfortable Lifestyle, Bonus Feat x2, Reputation +5, Perks (8CP), Cross-Trained (Kn [behavioural sciences], Profession [therapist], Research), Bombastic Aura, Swaggering Bravado, Rakish Charm +4, Connection (4CP), Chutzpah!
Wealth +15
Equipment Long Coat (Heavy Inserts), Undercover Vest
Ads Good Rep rnk 4 (Rep +4) 4cp
Perks: ??? rank 2 free
Good Rep rank +4 free
Rank 3: Chief Editor, Halifax Gazette (Government, Local History/Pop Culture)
Rank 1: Human-Rights Lawyer (Law/Legal History, Law Enforcement) free
Comps Hero’s Code: Mercy, Extreme Mercy +8cp
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