Berserker Rage

Value: 5CP

You fly into an violent rage under physically stressful. The most common condition is combat. After a number of rounds in combat equal to your Wisdom modifier, to a maximum of 5, you must start making Will saves (i.e., at the start of the 6th round). GMs can also impose a Rage save outside of combat if you’re in a situation of physical danger, such as a car crash or an earthquake.

The save is DC 0, +2 per the total rounds of stress/combat, including that number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier (see above). Thus, at the maximum of five rounds, the save starts at DC 10. GMs will raise the DC if the situation is dangerous/stressful (above and beyond just being in combat), and the list below is as a guide for doing so. The standard modifier is +2, and the items on the list are cumulative, so if three of them applied, the DC would be 16, but GMs reserve the right to apply more than a +2 if necessary.

DC Modifiers:

  • surrounded by strangers
  • surrounded by enemies
  • surrounded by hostile enemies
  • in combat (i.e., initiative has been rolled, etc.)
  • grossly outnumbered/outmatched
  • dangerous environment
  • recently attacked/attacked someone else
  • recently attacked/attacked someone else with firearms
  • recently attacked/attacked someone else with powers recently hit/hit someone else for damage
    • e.g., super strength, energy attack, etc.
  • recently critically hit/critically hit someone else
  • other factors (GM’s judgement)

Note that you can work yourself up by getting hurt, but you can also work yourself up by doing damage to other people. For example, if you were surrounded by enemies, and had recently been attacked, and that attack had been with a firearm, that had scored a critical hit, then the DC would be +8.

Your Will roll, as opposed to the save DC, can also receive circumstance bonuses (see below). Just like above, this list is cumulative, and GMs reserve the right to alter the bonuses if necessary.

Save Modifiers

  • surrounded by friends/loved ones
  • surrounded by teammates
  • surrounded by teammates who are fighting by your side
  • being directly “talked down” by friends, teammates, loved ones, etc.
    • the bonus is per person
  • being compelled to attack friends, teammates, loved ones, etc. outnumbering/outmatching your opponent(s)
    • the bonus is per person
  • unusually safe/familiar environment
  • other factors (GM’s judgement)

For example, if you’re being talked down, in a safe environment and surrounded by friends/loved ones, your Will save would be +6.

You can voluntarily force a Rage save at any time, but the DC will depend entirely on your situation; i.e., it starts at DC 0, which you automatically pass, so to lose the save, you’d have to put yourself in a dangerous or anxious situation.

If you fail your save, you fly into a rage. While you rage, you abandon all ranged attacks except for throwing things, and you attack whichever enemy most recently struck you for damage. If no one struck you for damage, you attack the closest enemy.

If there is no enemy close enough to you to move and make a mêlée attack against (including by charging) or throw something at, then you must make another Rage save to resist attacking whomever is closest to you, including friends, teammates, or innocent bystanders. This roll is subject to all the same modifiers (i.e., probably using the same numbers). If you fail the save, you attack whomever is closest for one round, at which point you roll your Will save again.

If an enemy falls or is otherwise incapacitated–not necessarily dead, but on the ground and not moving any more, for example–then you move on to the next target, be it friend, foe, or poor schlub who was standing too close.

If you pass a Rage save or combat ends, you continue to rage for 1d4 rounds. Circumstances may provoke another Rage save during that 1d4 rounds.

Note, that when you Rage, you do not immediately become stupid. You can still use strategy and tactics. You can still attack intelligently. You are just driven to attack something at all times.

Finally, while you’re raging, you are unaware of how hurt you might be (i.e., the GM keeps track of your HPs), but you also gain a +4 to any Will saves that involve attempts to control your mind (because you’re in a near beastly state).

NB: This complication functions properly if and only if you voluntarily remind the GM that you have to make your Rage saves. You can’t just wait for the GM to “catch” you on it. If you forget to roll your Rage save more than a couple of times, the GM is perfectly within her rights to state that you’ve been somehow cured of the Complication, and therefore you must give up 5CP worth of abilities (skills, feats, powers, advantages, etc.) from your character. It’s on the honour system.

Additional Comps

Additional Comp: Emo Rage

Value: 3cp

Your Rage is now triggered by emotionally stressful situations as well as physically stressful ones. For example, being screamed at by your boss or “road rage” can both trigger you. The GM can impose Rage saves in such situations, and you must also voluntarily suggest them when you perceive them. Again, honour system.



Additional Comp: Fast Rage

Value: 1CP per rank

For every rank in this additional comp, you must start rolling Rage saves one round earlier (i.e., as if your Will were 2 points lower, or 4 rounds in combat, whichever is lower). You can take this comp a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier.


Additional Comp: Form-Shifting Rage

Value: 4CP
Prerequisite : Form Shift (complication)

The only way to activate your Form Shift ability is to fly into a rage, and the only way to return to your normal form is to end your rage. You have no access to any of your powers and/or traits when you’re in your normal form unless you take Accessible Powers (see Form Shift).


Additional Comp: Powered Rage

Value: 4CP
Prerequisite: 10CP worth of powers that activate

The only way to activate any of your powers is to fly into a Rage. Only while you’re Raging can you activate your powers. While in a Rage, you can use your powers, even if they are ranged attacks (e.g., Telekinesis, Energy Attack, etc.).


Additional Comp: Exhausting Rage

Value: 3CP

When your Rage ends, you suffer a number of rounds of exhaustion equal to the number of rounds you Raged. If you take this comp, you’ll need to keep track of the number of rounds you Rage.

NB: “Exhausted”: Strength -6, Dexterity -6, move at half speed, cannot run or charge.


Additional Comp: Stupid Rage

Value: 3CP

When you Rage, your Intelligence score drops to 4: just enough for simple speech but not enough for any kind of complex thought. You do not lose skill points, but your Intelligence modifier drops to -3.

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