Battle Cry

[Tongue-In-Cheek] [Verbal]

You can strike fear into your enemies.

Prerequisite : Charisma 13, Intimidate 5 ranks

Benefit : You must first invent a battle cry that is thematically appropriate to your character’s persona. It needs to be something sufficiently intimidating and/or magnificent to genuinely strike fear into your enemy’s hearts, something along the lines of “I am the terror in the night” or “No one escapes the Spanish Inquisitor.”

Yelling your Battle Cry at the beginning of combat (i.e., your surprise round or your first action after rolling initiative) constitutes an Intimidate check against all enemies in earshot. Any enemies in earshot who do not understand your language roll against half your Intimidate roll (e.g., if you roll a total of 22, they would roll against 11). Even in another language, you can scare the crap out of people. The effects of this Intimidation last 2d4 rounds instead of the normal single round. Yelling your Battle Cry requires a move action and constitutes an action in combat, so you are no longer flat-footed after you do it.

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