Bad Rep

Value: 1CP per rank

For every rank you take in this Comp, one of your identities (superheroic, normal, Additional Identity, etc.) gains a –1 penalty to its Reputation score.

Additional Comps

Additional Comp: Misinterpreted

Value: 1CP

An unpleasant group of people has embraced you as a representative of their ideals, even though you are thoroughly against them and their ideology (e.g., religious fanatics, bloodthirsty vigilantes, neo-Nazis, etc.). This group will tend to appear in you life at untimely intervals, and statements to the press never seem to make them go away. This can cause serious social friction if some people do not understand that you actually aren’t associated with that group.


Additional Comp: Mistaken Identity

Value: 1CP

You find yourself continually confused with a villain who uses a similar name or costume (“I’m not Firemaster, dammit, I’m Firedancer!”). You must deal with the constant indignity of rumours and mistakes concerning your true identity (“No, no, the victims were rescued by Firedancer! Dancer, you idiot! What? No, I did not burn down Parliament, that was Firemaster!”)

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