Armour in Phoenix includes Modern and Archaic armour as well as Shields. Modern Armour includes things like athletic padding and tactical body armour, Archaic Armour includes old-fashioned mail and plates, and Shields include any barrier you can carry in your hand(s). The tables that describe all three forms of armour contain the following columns:

Armour: The name of the item.

Def: The Defence bonus that the item grants, either an armour or a shield bonus. While d20 Modern uses only “equipment” bonuses, Phoenix has enough fantasy built in that it uses D&D rules.

Non-Prof: The Defence bonus that the item grants if you are not proficient (i.e., you don’t have the right Armour or Shield feat[s].).

Max Dex: The Maximum Dexterity bonus to Defence you can have while you wear that armour.

ECP: The Equipment Check Penalty applies to applies to several skills: Climb, Escape Artist, Jump, Perception, Perform (Dance), Swim, Tumble.

Speed: This penalty, if any, applies to your movement.

Weight: The item’s weight, in pounds.

PDC: The Purchase DC of the item.

NB: Since buying armour in the modern world is merely unusual, not illegal, there are no Restriction modifiers.

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