Cost: 2CP per rank

You have a massive computer database or physical library. It grants two things. First, you can access it at any time in order to make Research checks. It has to have a physical location, but that location is in a private place that you won and/or have exclusive legal access to (i.e., a rental space). You can, of course, put a Database/Library inside a Lair.

Second, it is built to satisfy your interests, which means that it grants an Equipment bonus to any Research you do into specific areas. Those areas correspond with the 12 subtypes of Knowledge checks:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Civics
  • Current Events
  • History
  • Popular Culture
  • Sciences, Behavioural
  • Sciences, Earth and Life
  • Sciences, Physical
  • Tactics
  • Technology
  • Theology/Philosophy


The bonus and the number of kinds of Knowledge depend on how many ranks you purchase in the Ad.


Rank 1 (2CP): +2 to 4 fields of Knowledge.

Rank 2 (4CP): +4 to 6 fields of Knowledge.

Rank 3 (6CP): +6 to 8 fields of Knowledge.

Rank 4 (8CP): +8 to 10 fields of Knowledge.

Rank 5 (10CP): +10 to all Knowledge checks.


Enhancement: Instant Research

Cost: 2CP

Your Database/Library is so expertly organised, and you know it so well, that you can make a rushed Research check in a single Full-Round action rather than in four hours. The downside is that when you search this quickly, your Equipment bonus is worth only half.


Enhancement: Automatic Research

Cost: 2CP

Prerequisite: Instant Research

Your Database/Library is somehow automated (computerised, organised by ghost librarians, what have you), which means that you only have to enter search parameters, and the system will find the results for you, which means that you can perform a Research check with a Swift action. The downside is that the system doesn’t have the same attentiveness that you would, so you lose your Equipment bonus entirely.


Enhancement: Remote Access

Cost: 4CP

You can access your Database/Library from pretty much anywhere. It might be plugged into a wireless network that only you have access to. You could be telepathically linked to it. The explanation is up to you. In any case, you can perform Research check, even Instant or Automatic checks (see above), from anywhere in the world. The GM reserves the right to occasionally cut off your access if you travel to genuinely far-off places such as the middle of the Ghobi Desert (“No signals here, I’m afraid”), the Moon (“Dude, it’s just too far away”), or a parallel dimension (“No. Just no”).


Enchantment: Unfettered Access

Prerequisite: Remote Access

Cost: 1CP

Your Archive is now accessible from anywhere in the known or unknown universe. It might be accessible because you have it on your person or even in your body—a cranial implant or mystical connection—but the exact explanation is up to you.

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