Archaic Armour

Archaic Armour is what most people think of when you say “armour.” It was largely devised in the mediaeval/feudal periods before firearms became the standard weapons of war. It includes mail and plate armour. It does not include anything that you can purchase or repurpose in the modern world, which is Modern Armour.

Armour, Archaic Defence Non-Prof Max Dex ECP Speed Weight PDC
Padded +1 +1 8 –3 30 10 lb. 9
Leather Armour +2 +1 6 –0 30 15 lb. 12
Studded Leather Armour +3 +1 5 –1 30 20 lb. 13
Hide Armour +3 +2 4 –3 20 25 lb. 10
Scale Armour +4 +2 3 –4 20 30 lb. 16
Mail Shirt +5 +2 2 –5 20 40 lb. 18
Lamellar +5 +2 3 –4 20 35 lb. 20
Breastplate +5 +2 3 –4 20 30 lb. 18
Splint Armour +6 +3 0 –7 20 45 lb. 18
Banded Armour +6 +3 1 –6 20 35 lb. 19
Half-Plate +7 +3 0 –7 20 50 lb. 21
Plate Armour +8 +3 1 –6 20 50 lb. 23


Padded Armour is made of layers of cloth and batting. Armour used for training attack dogs and extremely heavy winter clothing fall under this classification of armour.

Leather Armour consists of a breastplate made of thick, lacquered leather, along with softer leather coverings for other parts of the body.

Studded Leather Armour is made from tough but flexible leather (not hardened leather as with normal leather armour) reinforced with close-set metal rivets. Some heavily studded motorcycle gear can be considered studded leather.

Hide Armour is prepared from multiple layers of leather and animal hides. It is stiff and hard to move in. Shadow creatures and other primitive individuals that are unconcerned about appearance or hygiene commonly wear hide armour.

Scale Armour is a coat and leggings (and perhaps a separate skirt) of leather covered with overlapping pieces of metal, much like the scales of a fish. It includes gauntlets.

A Mail Shirt is a long shirt made of interlocking metal rings, with a layer of padding underneath. It’s heavy, making it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Lamellar is similar to splint armour. It consists of small, overlapping plates of metal sewn together or stitched to a backing of leather or cloth.

A Breastplate covers your front and your back. It comes with a helmet and greaves (plates to cover your lower legs). A light suit or skirt of studded leather beneath the breastplate protects your limbs without overly restricting movement.

Splint Armour is made of narrow vertical strips of metal riveted to a backing of leather that is worn over cloth padding. Flexible mail protects the joints. It includes gauntlets.

Banded Armour is made of overlapping strips of metal sewn to a backing of leather and mail. The strips cover vulnerable areas, while the mail and leather protect the joints and provide freedom of movement. Straps and buckles distribute the weight evenly. A suit of this armour includes gauntlets.

Half-Plate is a combination of mail with metal plates (breastplate, epaulettes, elbow guards, gauntlets, tasses, and greaves) covering vital areas. Buckles and straps hold the whole suit together and distribute the weight, but the armour still hangs more loosely than full plate. It includes gauntlets.

Plate Armour consists of metal plates that cover the entire body. It’s heavy and loud, but it provides a great deal of protection.

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