(Int, Use Untrained)

You can evaluate the monetary value of an object.

Check: A DC 20 Appraise check determines the value of a common item. If you succeed by 5 or more, you also determine if the item is super in some way, but this success does not grant knowledge of the item’s abilities. If your fail the check by less than 5, you determine the price of that item to within 20% of its actual value. If you fail this check by 5 or more, the price is wildly inaccurate, subject to GM discretion. Particularly rare or exotic items might increase the DC of this check by 5 or more.

You can also use this check to determine the most valuable item visible in a pile of items. The DC of this check is generally 20 but can increase to as high as 30 for a particularly large hoard.

A magnifying glass or similar device grants an equipment bonus +2 if the item is small enough that seeing details would reasonably grant more information. A scale grants an equipment bonus +4 for an item whose value can be determined by weight, such as precious metals. These bonuses can stack.

Synergy: Craft, by subtype only; e.g., Craft: visual art for a painting.

Action: Appraising an item takes 1 standard action. Determining the most valuable object in a pile takes 1 full-round action.

Try Again: Additional attempts to Appraise an item reveal the same result.

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