Anxious Activation

Value: 3CP per rank

One of your powers activates uncontrollably whenever you are under certain specific, anxiety-inducing situations. You react blindly out of a combination of anger and fear. If the power is offensive, then it automatically targets the source of the anxiety (see below), even if that means targeting an inanimate object or activating a power that you consciously know will have no useful effect. This Comp has two modes: damage and proximity


  • Rank 1 (3CP): Any time you take lethal damage in excess of ΒΌ your total HPs, your designated power activates.
  • Rank 2 (6CP): As rank 1, but your designated power activates any time you take lethal damage.
  • Rank 3 (9CP): As rank 2, but your designated power also activates any time you take non-lethal damage and any time you have to make a Fortitude or Reflex save.


  • Rank 1 (3CP): Your designated power activates any time any threatening person, creator, or objects comes within 10 feet of you. Your conscious awareness of its presence triggers the Anxious Activation, however, so if you’re unaware of it, then it does not trigger your power.
  • Rank 2 (6CP): As Rank 1, but the radius is 20 feet.
  • Rank 3 (9CP): As Rank 2, but the radius is 30 feet.

Additional Comps

Additional Comp: Exclusive Anxious Activation

Value: 4CP

Your designated power activates only when it is set off by Anxious Activation. Under dire circumstances, you can attempt a Will save to trick yourself into feeling like you’re in danger (DC equals 10 + the CP value of the power). For example, recalling anxiety-inducing memories or sensations, getting a team-mate to attack you, etc.

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