Animal Antipathy

Value: 1CP per rank

Animals don’t like you at all, and they make their distaste extremely obvious. Dogs bark, cats hiss, and horses buck. You suffer a -2 penalty to any roll involving controlling or influencing an animal. Your rolls to attack animals are unmodified. You can take this Comp up to 4 times. Its effects stack.

Additional Comps

Additional Comp: Hostility

Value: 1CP

For every rank in this additional comp, when you encounter wild animals, their reactions to you are automatically one column into the negative. You can take this additional comp  multiple times. Its effects stack


Additional Comp: Extreme Hostility

Value: 1CP

When attacking, wild animals always go after you first. This Comp is incompatible with the power Animal Affinity. However, you can still have a familiar because they are quasi-magical and intelligent versions of their respective species.

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