Animal Affinity [trait]


Cost: 3CP

You have an unusual level of rapport with normal animals. This includes unnatural animals but does not include supernatural beasts, familiars, Super Pets, or the like. This power does not affect any animal with an Intelligence score greater than 2.

No ordinary animal will ever attack you, except in self-defence. Even hungry apex predators (sharks in the sea, tigers prowling a jungle) will leave you alone. Only supernaturally-compelled or controlled animals will behave in a hostile manner toward you.


Enhancement: Animal Handling
Cost: 1CP per rank

For each rank in this enhancement, you get a +3 bonus on all Handle Animal checks. You can take this enhancement up to 10 time. Its effects stack.


Enhancement: Sensitivity
Cost: 2CP

You can instantly tell whether or not any animal within ten feet is under any form of supernatural compulsion or control, though you will not be able to identify the source of such control merely by using this power. You can also instantly gauge the relative physical health of any normal animal simply by looking at it. This allows you to receive an estimate of how many hit points the animal in question has, accurate to within 10%.


Enhancement: Animal Telepathy
Cost: 2CPs

You have an uncanny ability to sense what is on an animal’s mind simply by looking at it. You can use this ability once per round as a free action. You will sense a brief and abstract impression of theĀ  animal’s primary concern, such as “predator near,” “scared of intruders,” “lost my mate,” or “resting now, belly full.” Subsequent rounds of contact will reveal whatever is on the animal’s mind in those rounds, but no further depth.

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