Alter Appearance [power]


Cost: 5CP
Activate: 1PP; full-round action
Sustain: per hour; swift action
Range: self

You can physically alter your body to change your appearance. This power grants a +10 enhancement bonus to your Disguise rolls. You can Alter your height by up to 25% and your girth by 25%. You can change your hair’s length, up to double, or render yourself completely bald. The form you assume must be corporeal and of the same species as yourself although you can change your gender and ethnicity. However, you cannot fundamentally alter the physical structure or capabilities of your body. A man Altered to appear female cannot become pregnant, for example.

You can change your skin, hair, and eye colour to either natural or unnatural tones. You can make yourself look African, Eastern European, or Caucasian, but you can also give yourself green skin and blue hair, if you want to. You can give yourself moles, birthmarks, scars, or tattoos. The GM might limit the details of these little touches, though. For example, printing an entire poem, word for word, on your back is beyond the scope of this power. The power does not change the tone of your voice.

All of your physical abilities (attack rolls, Defence, saves, etc.) remain the same. This power cannot confer any special abilities, attack forms, defences, or ability score bonuses. You cannot increase your Charisma with this power.

Once you choose a new form, that form remains the same until you deactivate the power and return to your normal form. You must revert to normal before assuming a new form. If you become unconscious for any reason, or you die, you automatically return to your normal form. You must return to your normal form before switching to a new one.


Enhancement: Alter Form
Cost: 4CP

You can now assume a genuinely alien appearance, sporting scales instead of skin, or giant grey eyes with no pupils. You can change your height by up to 50% in either direction, and your weight by up to 50%. You can also mimic clothing, although you would have to take off your normal clothing in order to do so. You can add appendages, such as extra limbs, tails, or wings, but they are purely ornamental. You cannot fly, for example, or use extra limbs to grasp objects or support your weight. You can also appear non-organic, made of metal or stone, for example.


Enhancement: Move Action Shifting
Cost: 2CP

You can shift your form as a move action instead of a full-round action. Additionally, you can shift between forms without returning to your natural form.


Enhancement: Fine Detail
Cost: 3CP

You have absolute control over the finest details of your appearance, right down to your retinas and fingerprints. If you have a subject’s fingerprints and/or retinal patterns to study for an hour, you can duplicate them well enough to fool any modern biometric scanner. Only DNA testing could determine that you are not whom you appear to be.


Enhancement: Vocal Mimic
Cost: 3CP

You can change your vocal chords to alter your voice. Assuming you have spent at least 10 minutes studying someone’s voice, listening to it either live or a clean recording, you can duplicate it nearly perfectly. This enhancement adds an additional +5 bonus to Disguise checks. You can use your Disguise check to fool a voice scanner but without the +5 bonus this power grants.


Limitation: Illusory Alterations
Value: 1CP
Save: Standard, Charisma-based

Instead of creating an actual physical change, Alter Appearance now creates an illusion of the appearance you assume. Regardless of your Origin, people can still Disbelieve your appearance as if it were a magical illusion. The DC for a Disbelief check is 10 + half your CL + your Charisma bonus.

Your illusory appearance includes both visual and tactile elements. For example, you can make yourself skinny and people will see your ribs and feel your bony arms. However because your Alteration is now illusory, you cannot change your body’s actual physical nature, so a scale would reveal your true weight. Hard evidence of your actual weight versus your illusory weight is one of the many things that could grant someone a Disbelief check against your new appearance.

This limitation is not compatible with the Fine Detail enhancement.

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