Aerials are people who, for one reason or another, have wings. They can be descendants of an ancient race that cloisters itself on mountaintops, or members of an alien species that happened to evolve wings. Remember that they’re not just humans with wings; they’re a species that integrates wings into otherwise humanoid physiology, which is why they have great upper-body strength (they need it to flap their wings) and are relatively frail physically (because they have light bones, like birds).

Type: Humanoid

Physical Description: Aerials have a large pair of feathery wings sprouting out of their shoulder blades. Their wing span is about 1.5 times their height, and when folded into their backs, the wings extend above their heads and hang down to their calves. Their feathers would be of similar colouring to their hair, brown feathers for brown hair, gold feathers for blond hair, etc. However, you can certainly designate a more fanciful colour or pattern if you want to.

Size: Medium

Height/Weight: Aerials tend to stand taller than humans, by about 6″, and their wings give the illusion of even greater height because they extend well above their shoulders when pulled in. Ironically, they weigh about 50 lb. less then humans because of their bird-like bone structure.

Speed: 20 (walking). 60 (flying), average manoeuvrability.

Ability Scores: Aerials need great upper-body strength to keep themselves aloft. Out of sheer necessity, their pectorals are extremely well developed. They also have very fine balance and coordination, which they need to be able to fly at all. However, their bird-like bones are slightly easier to break than human bones, so they’re not quite as robust.

  • Strength +4
  • Dexterity +4
  • Constitution -2


Starting Occupation: Aerials can, theoretically, have any occupation. They just have the equivalent of their native culture, whether that’s a remote city in the Andes or an alien civilization. Their Wealth is based on currency and objects of trade from their home communities, including precious stones or metals as well as alien currency, so their Occupation’s Wealth Bonus is halved at character creation (round down).

Flight: Base Power, enhancements: 60 feet/MPH speed, Good manoeuvrability; limitations: Wings

Eyesight: +4 Observe (visual), +2 Search. Double sight range. Aerials have keen eyesight that allows them to identify objects on the ground from great heights.

Speed: Aerials walk more slowly than equivalent-height humans because their legs are slightly less developed. They’re built for flying.

Skills: Bonus to Jumping as per the Flight (wings) power, but also -4 to Jump without wings due to their underdeveloped lower-body muscles.

Languages:Aerials speak their own language, which resembles a collection of squawks and bird calls.

Level Adjustment: +3

CP Cost: 30CP.

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