Ads Table

Name Value Benefit
Additional Identity 1 per rnk an additional false persona
Ally 2 per rnk people who have your back
Amazing Costume 2CP seriously tough duds
Archive 2CP a private library or database
Connection 1 per rnk friends in the know
Experienced 10CP you get an extra level
Feat 2 per rnk you gain one feat
Good Rep 1 per rnk +1 to Reputation
Grunt 5 per rnk loyal soldiers for your cause
Law-Enforcement Powers 2 per rnk you can arrest people
Laboratory 4 per rnk you have a workshop
Lair 2 per rnk you have a headquarters
Minion 2 per rnk non-combat followers
Multiple Origins 2 per rnk you have more than one origin
Personal Assistant 2 per rnk a trusted friend who helps you
Position of Power 1 per rnk you have influence
Power Redistribution 10CP redistribute your CPs
Protected Identity 1 per rnk -15 to find your secret ID
Quick Change 1 per rank able to change into costume fast
Sibling Bond 2CP mental connection to a sibling
Sidekick 3 per rnk you have a loyal lieutenant
Skill Points 1 per rnk you gain 4 skill points
Super Pet 2 per rnk your cat wants to fight crime
Vehicle varies car, truck, bus, or bike
Windfall 2 per rnk bonus Profession check
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