(created by Orion Ussner Kidder)


Full Name: Dale Muramoto

Appearance: Adonis is, as his name suggests, is one of the most mind-numblingly gorgeous men on Earth. He is always 15 minutes ahead of the fashion curve, which means he wears no consistent costume, but he does favour light-coloured suits (blues and greens) with white and off-white shirts and socks. He wears his hair rakishly messy and just a little bit long. His body language and facial expressions continuously communicate warm friendliness with just a hint of sex. Men and women universally find him attractive according to their orientations. Anyone attracted to men will find him sexually appealing. Anyone not attracted to men will just really want to sit next to him and “hang out.”

Personality/History: Dale grew up shy and unassuming, not a charming student or a popular boy. He never felt comfortable in crowds, and was completely baffled by any form of romantic situation. At the age of 22, still very much alienated from social interaction in general, Dale was diagnosed with a what appeared to be a brain tumour. During the exploratory operation to investigate the tumour, it turned out to be a gland of unknown function lodged in his brain. Not knowing what to do with it, the surgeons left it where it was pending further study.

However, after the operation, it started acting on his neurons in such a way as to rapidly build pathways in exactly those places that govern facial recognition, empathy, logic and recall, and, apparently, sexuality. Where Dale previously had been anxious about social interactions, he suddenly became the life of the party. Where he was confused by romantic signals, he became graceful and alluring. Nothing of his physical appearance changed in the slightest; he could simply start to sense what to do to make people calm and comfortable around him, to engender their trust, and to present himself in such a way that they wanted to be his best friend and/or his lover.

Although these new-found abilities were clearly extra-normal in origin, Dale realised that, to a limited degree, he could teach them to other people. He soon took the name Adonis, and started running classes on everything from high-stakes negotiation to the art of the pick-up. Adonis’ central principle of social interaction is honesty—acting and speaking in good faith—and that only people who are honest with themselves can be honest with others. He does not teach manipulation or seduction, but instead direct, honest interaction, and most of all, empathy. Although not a crime-fighter per se, Adonis’ astounding professional success lead to a side-line career as a negotiator in high-pressure situations, including hostage-taking and even first contact with non-human species.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Power Theme: Adonis’ powers are all based on his Super Charisma and Intellect. When he can’t charm his way out of a situation, he thinks his way out, and vice-versa. In addition to the sheer power of his charm and brains, he has spent years honing his skills to make the most of those basic abilities. Adonis has little to no combat skills. He doesn’t believe they’re nearly as useful. He has, however, recently learned certain esoteric techniques that allow him to stimulate the pleasure centres of the brain by touching specific nerve clusters on the surface of the body. Making people pass out from sheer bliss is as close as he ever gets to committing violence on his fellow human being.

Combat/Tactics: Adonis always talks first—reasoning, then charming, then intimidating, depending on the circumstance—and only rarely resorts to physical means. In dire circumstances, he prefers to surrender because that gives him a chance to establish a new discourse later. He will defend himself if absolutely necessary, but the majority of the time, talking is his best defence. In situations of real desperation, Adonis has recently started immobilising dangerous opponents by triggering their pleasure response, a skill he picked up for personal use somewhere in his mid-twenties and only recently thought to apply anywhere outside of intimate situations.


Class Thinker 5 / Socialite 5
Species Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Nationality Canadian
Character Level 10 (10 levels + 99CPs)
Hit Dice 5d6 / 5d4 (18 + 12 + Con
Mass. Damage 50
Initiative 0
Speed 30 ft.
Defence  15 +13* (Soc +4, Thk +1, *Bomb. Aura +13)
Knockback 14
Base Attack +5 (Soc +3 Thk +2)
Attacks Unarmed Strike +5 (1d3NL, untrained)
Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 10, Con 14 +2, Int 38 +14, Wis 12 +1, Cha 36 +13
Natural: Int 18 +3, Cha 16 +4
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance Honesty
Saves  Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +9 (+8 vs. Fear)
Action Points 10AP
Reputation +15
Occupation Celebrity
Skills Appraise +27 (rnk 13), Bluff +30 (rnk 13), Climb +13 (rnk 13), Computer Use +27 (rnk 13), Cr: Chemical +0 (w research +4), Cr: Electronic +0 (w research +4), Cr: Mechanical +0 (w  research +4), Cr: Pharmaceutical +26 (w research +4), (rnk  12), Cr: Structural +0 (w research +4), Cr: Visual Art +27 (w research +4), (rnk 13), Cr: Writing +27 (w research +4) (rnk  13), Decipher Script +20 (rnk 6), Diplomacy +30 (rnk 13), Disable Device +0 (electronics +4), Disguise +23 (rnk 6), Drive  +6 (rnk 6), Escape Artist +6 (rnk 6), Forgery +20 (rnk 6), Gamble +18 (rnk 13), Gather Info +30 (rnk 13), Handle Animal +19 (rnk 6), Intimidate +30 (rnk 13), Investigate +27 (rnk 13), Kn: Art +27 (w research +4) (rnk 13), Kn: Behavioural Sciences +27 (w research +4), (rnk 13), Kn: Business +27 (w research +4),  (rnk 13), Kn: Civics +27 (w research +4) (rnk 13), Kn: Current Events +27 (w research +4) (rnk 13), Kn: Earth/Life Sciences +27 (w research +4) (rnk 13), Kn: History +27 (w research +4)  (rnk 13), Kn: Physical Sciences +27 (w research +4) (rnk 13), Kn: Popular Culture +27 (w research +4)  (rnk 13), Kn: Tactics +0 (w research +4) Kn: Technology +27 (w research +4) (rnk  13), Kn: Theology/Philosophy +27 (w research +4) (rnk 13), Observe +14 (rnk 13), Perform +19 (rnk 6), Profession +7 (rnk  6), Psicraft +0 (address powerstone +4), Repair +20 (art/paintings +4, electronics +4, supertech +4) (rnk 6), Research +27 (w research +4)  (rnk 13), Ride +15  (rnk 13), Search +27  (rnk 13), Sense Motive +14 (rnk 13), Sleight of Hand +10 (rnk 6), Spellcraft +0 (decipher scrolls +4), Stealth +6 (rnk 6), Survival +0 (tracking +4), Powercraft +0 (fiddle with the knobs +4), Swim +13 (rnk 13), Treat Injury +11 (rnk 6), Tumble +6   (rnk 6), Use Device +26 (scrolls +2, supertech +4) (rnk  13), Use Rope +6 (bindings +2) (rnk 6),
Languages English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Cantonese, Korean, Cree, Polish, Portuguese, Ojibwa, Swahili, Mandarin, Russian, Vietnamese
Feats Brawl, Unshakable (Fearless), Battle Cry, Moral Authority, Skill Aptitude, Diplomacy (Amazing, Supreme), Skill Aptitude, Sense Motive (Amazing, Supreme), Skill Aptitude, Behavioural Sciences (Amazing, Supreme), One-Liner (Verbal Riposte), Parley (Improved Parley)
Power Die 5d12 / 5d6 (50)
Origin Bio
Powers 87cp
Ability Enhancement Int rnk 10, Cha rnk 10 40cp
Amazing Initiative Initiative +20, Power 10cp
Cause Pleasure 37cp Debilitating Pleasure rnk 3, Enhanced Pleasure rnk 3, Extended Duration rnk 3, Fatiguing Pleasure
Special Abilities
Socialite Comfortable Lifestyle], Reputation +3,
Perks:  Ally, Rank 3 (Editor, Toronto Star)
Cross-Trained, Bombastic Aura, Swaggering Bravado
Thinker Jack of All Trades, Renaissance Man, Special Ability: Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Intimidation), Plot Device, Sixth Sense
Wealth 22
Equipment +12
Feat x11 22cp Skill Aptitude, Diplomacy (Amazing, Supreme), Skill Aptitude, Sense Motive (Amazing, Supreme), Skill Aptitude, Behavioural Sciences (Amazing, Supreme), Verbal Riposte (Improved Parley)
Forsworn From Firearms (Rank 1) +2cp
Hero’s Code Honesty +2CP
Glass Jaw (Ranks 1) +2CP
Monologuer (Rank 1) +4CP
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