Additional Identity

Cost: 1CP per rank

You have constructed at least one false persona, in addition to your every-day identity and your adventuring identity. The usefulness and depth of this alternate identity both depend on how many CPs you invest in it. You can have multiple Additional Identities. You must purchase them separately.

Rank 1 (1CP): Competent Forgeries. Your secondary identity withstands casual perusal. It has fake addresses (email and physical), a well-forged picture ID, a false employment record, and even a small bank account. DC 15 Research check to reveal this identity as fake.

Rank 2 (2CP): Expert Forgeries. Your secondary identity is quite well developed. It includes all of the above, plus a driver’s license, passport, work permits, multiple bank accounts, rent and property records, criminal records, and school records. DC 20 Research to reveal this identity as fake.

Rank 3 (3CP): Superb Forgeries. Your secondary identity has a great deal of substantiating background evidence. It has all of the above, plus photos, mementos, letters from fictitious relatives, awards and plaques, school papers, and mentions in newspapers and other media dating back at least several years. DC 25 Research check to reveal this identity as fake.

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