Acrobats specialize in movement skills―climbing, jumping, tumbling―and thus make great sneak-attackers or pursuit specialists. An Acrobat’s “powers” mostly take the form of enhanced Dexterity, Constitution, and skills.

Acrobats tend to stay on the periphery of fights, using their skills to stay on the defensive and dodge most attacks, until they tumble in attack when their targets aren’t looking. They’re especially good at navigating through rough terrain, leaping across rooftops and sliding down fire-escapes to get the drop on fleeing villains.

The best classes for Acrobats are Sneaks (for the skill points and the sneak attack damage), Adventurers (for the devil-may-care attitude), Sidekicks (for the defensive abilities), and Martial Artists (for their combat abilities).



Ability Enhancement: Dexterity +5 10CP
Amazing Leap (Powered Leap) +40 ft. 4CP
Catfall II, 60 ft. 4CP
Feat Tree: Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack 6CP
Feat Tree: Skill Aptitude x3 (Tumbling) 6CP
Skill Points: +40 10CP

Recommended Feats

Astrobatics, Combat Reflexes, Combat Swinging, Combat Throw, Defensive Martial Arts (Deflect Arrows, Improved Deflect Arrows, Dodge Bullets, Lightning Reflexes, Catch Bullets, Dodge Energy), Dextrous Sneak Attack, Fast Move, Improved Feint, Improved Initiative (Awesome, Supreme), Light-Footed, Quick Draw, Quick Sheath, Run (Endurance), Standing Jump


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